Toto Wolff- Max Verstappen- Sergio Perez
Toto Wolff- Max Verstappen- Sergio Perez Source: The Sportsrush

Since 2022, Max Verstappen has made the life of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff very difficult. The Dutch racer, thanks to Adrian Newey for designing the superior Red Bull car, has gone on to win 40 races in the last two or more years. As a result, other drivers and teams have not faced much chance to dominate the sport in recent times. Even since 2010, there has been only one team that has dominated the sport other than the Austrian outfit. It is the Silver Arrows who owned the turbo-hybrid era. As a result, the period between 2014 and 2021 is also known as the “Mercedes era.” They won eight constructor titles and seven driver’s world championships. However, 2022 dawned a new era called the “Cost Cap” era.

Clearly, Red Bull is enjoying a solid hegemony. But Mercedes wants their glory days back again. However, things may not seem to go their way lately. Lewis Hamilton will move to Ferrari in 2025. They have been looking for a replacement. Moreover, the favorite option to replace Hamilton in the German team is Fernando Alonso or Andrea Kimi Antonelli. It is either the veteran or the young racer. However, there is also a teeny tiny possibility that the current triple-time champion can join Mercedes. At least Toto Wolff revealed that he was open to that idea. Perhaps Verstappen can bring Adrian Newey to Mercedes with him. 


Mercedes Boss Won’t Rule Out The Idea Of Max Verstappen And Adrian Newey Join His Team

Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

Lately, Red Bull is going through an internal rift as a female employee accused Christian Horner of “Inappropriate behavior.” Then, Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, mentioned Horner might be the reason why this team tears itself apart from within. Later, Max said his father was not a liar and cited his loyalty to Helmut Marko. Perhaps there is a power struggle going on between Horner and Marko to decide who is the true boss of the Red Bull F1 team. Later, the F1 media saw Jos Verstappen talking to Toto Wolff. Eventually, they went to dinner.

Hence, the rumor started that Verstappen might join the Silver Arrows. Moreover, Toto Wolff looks open to that idea. Recently, in an interview with oe24, the Mercedes boss mentioned that a champion racer wants to join a team that can provide the strongest car. But Toto Wolff knows that Mercedes is not worthy of Verstappen’s talents at present. Hence, Wolff said they have to do their homework beforehand to let Mercedes become an alternative for Max. Moreover, Wolff has often said that he would love to have Max join his team. 

Toto Wolff Has No Hard Feelings For Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: The Irish Mirror

Sir Lewis Hamilton really shocked the F1 world quite early this year, announcing his switch to Ferrari. As a result, he was ready to end the 12-year-long partnership with Toto and Mercedes. He will turn 40 when he wears the iconic “Red Uniform.” Later, Toto Wolff mentioned that he has no bad feelings for his good friend Hamilton. Moreover, Wolff said people in every career want to or should try something new.

That’s the reason why he has no hard feelings about Hamilton. What surprised the Austrian billionaire about Hamilton’s decision was “Timing,” as Wolff said the season had not started yet. But the Mercedes boss mentioned, “It might be a good fit as McLaren and Ferrari will have more free seats in the future.”   

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