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REPORTS: New York Yankees Star Fears His End Is Near In Bronx

The New York Yankees traded Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres on a one-year guarantee. However, the prospects of an extension still prevail. It’s largely dependent on Soto’s 2024 season performance and, of course, Hal Steinbrenner’s ability to spend blindly in the next free agency.

That being said, to accommodate Juan Soto, the New York Yankees will be required to make some tough decisions. Some players, sitting on heavy contracts and showing signs of decline, will surely be out. Amid the uncertainty and constant chatter, a borderline veteran second baseman fears his time in the Bronx is limited.


Gleyber Torres Wary Of His Future In Bronx Amid Juan Soto Extension Contracts

Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres’ first half of the season was filled with mistakes, errors and blunders, casting a shadow on a respectable performance on offense.AP

Second baseman Gleyber Torres quickly established himself as a key player for the New York Yankees since making his debut in 2018. After a couple of lowly years during the Covid era, Torres has a moment of resurgence in 2023. Battling trade rumors, the infielder kept the offensive production floating while the rest of the hitting lineup crumbled. He finished the year with a .273 average, 25 home runs, and a .800 OPS. However, despite a heroic stint, Torres stands on the brink of losing his contract with the Yanks. This off-season, Gleyber signed a record $15 million arbitration deal with the Bronx Bombers. He will enter his walk year and will be eligible to enter free agency in 2025.

Meanwhile, ahead of the upcoming season, Torres spoke about his future and admitted that this year could be his last in the Bronx. “I can’t lie, sometimes I think that it’s going to be my last year here,” said Gleyber Torres. The infielder further affirmed that he wants to finish his career in the Bronx. He considers the Yankees his family and New York his home. However, the veteran understands the brutal business side of the league. “It’s a business. I don’t know the plan for the Yankees or myself,” added Torres. Moreover, the second baseman’s hopes of seeking an extension shattered after Juan Soto’s arrival. The Yanks are going to give up anything they need to land Soto for the long term if it’s an option. Thus, if the dream extension plans go underway, Torres is a goner. Regardless, the infielder is currently focused on maximizing what he believes is his last year in the Bronx.

Oswald Peraza Fighting To Break Into Yankees Opening Day Roster

Gelyber Torres, Oswald Peraza

With Gleyber Torres aging, a 22-year-old infield prospect, Oswald Peraza, is gearing up to take his place. This year, the prospect has been called up for spring training. However, he missed a few games due to tightness in his thigh. That being said, as far as the opening day is concerned, Peraza’s prospects of breaking into the roster look bleak.

With Gleyber Torres locked in for the season, Oswald Peraza will have to wait for his turn. Anthony Volpe will take over the shortstop position after Peraza lost the battle last year. Regardless, Peraza is considered the Yankees’ future. Moreover, with Torres’ future uncertain, a permanent promotion could be on the cards for Oswald Peraza.

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