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Why Oswald Peraza’s Spot On Yankees Bench Isn’t Guaranteed?

Oswald Peraza entered last spring as the New York Yankees’ preferred candidate for the shortstop position. However, a 21-year-old rookie from New Jersey named Anthony Volpe shook Peraza’s world. He swopped in the shortstop contest and bagged a spot on opening day, starting the lineup out of nowhere.

Since then, Oswald Peraza has been left to pick up the pieces. He was sent back to the minor league following spring ouster before getting a call-up late in September. Having said that, ahead of the 2024 season, uncertainty over Peraza’s future continues to loom. Will he secure a spot on the bench as a backup infielder?


Oswald Peraza’s Future Up In Air As Yankees Navigate In-Field Logjam

Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza toss a ball during the Yankees game. via “X” NYY

Once considered a thriving prospect of the Yankees farm system, Oswald Peraza is slowly becoming the lost hero. He returned to the squad late in September last year. But failed to turn up offensively. In 52 games last season, the infielder finished with a .539 OPS. However, his Triple-A numbers continued to showcase a different picture. But so far, Peraza has failed to translate that into the big leagues. Is it the pressure or the constant scuffle from majors to minors? Only Peraza can answer that question. But he does believe that his numbers are not up to the mark. Regardless, Aaron Boone has complete faith in the infielder’s ability and tools to make an impact with the bat. Notably, Oswald has always enjoyed the front office’s backing. But with extended options, Boone’s having a change of heart.

When asked if Oswald Peraza will be the Yankees’ backup infielder this season, Aaron Boone said the bench position isn’t guaranteed to anyone. He named Oswaldo Cabrera, Kevin Smith, Jeter Downs, Jorbit Vivas, and Josh VanMeter as some of the suitable bench candidates. “I don’t want to leave anyone out because they’re all kind of vying and viable candidates with big league time,” said Boone. Additionally, the skipper clarified that the shortstop position would remain with Anthony Volpe, irrespective of his spring performance. That cancels out an infield position, which Peraza is actually good at. Regardless, Oswald Peraza will still try to prove why he deserves to be on the roster. That’s the mindset he has followed his entire life, and that won’t change, irrespective of the circumstances. “At the end of the day, I want to give the best version of myself out there,” said Peraza.

Yankee Podcaster Prays For Anthony Volpe’s Offense To Shoot Up

Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Anthony Volpe is set to kick into his sophomore season with the New York Yankees this year. He had an average rookie season in 2023, wherein the shortstop finished with a .209 average and a .666 OPS. However, the kid did hit 21 homers and stoles 24 bases, which suggests that Volpe has the tools to succeed.

However, Yankee podcaster Jomboy says he does not want Anthony Volpe to be a ‘glove-first, no offense shortstop.’ He prays for the kid to have a better year with the bat and live up to the set expectations. That being said, the shortstop has made noticeable changes in his mechanics this year to record a better year with the Yankees.

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