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Oswald Peraza Yankees Source: Minor League Baseball

The New York Yankees’ preparations for the 2024 MLB season are in full swing. In less than two weeks, the spring training will commence. Ahead of the official reporting date, a few players have already reached Tampa. Aaron Judge, Jasson Dominguez, Oswaldo Cabrera, and Gleyber Torres, amongst many others, regrouped at Tampa last week.

Having said that, spring training is always a crucial period with respect to figuring out the ideal starting lineup for the upcoming season. This year, the Yankees’ spring will address a lot of questions related to roster structure. Amid this, a top prospect underwent an extreme transformation during winter to stake claim on the starting lineup.


Oswald Peraza Shocks Yankees Fans With Complete Physical Transformation

Oswald Peraza, seen here rounding the bases after hitting one over the Green Monster in Boston on Thursday, is coming on strong at the end of the season. By GARY PHILLIPS |

Oswald Peraza is a highly touted prospect within the New York Yankees organization. His journey began in the Yanks’ farm system, where he showcased raw talent and potential. However, the prospect lost his shortstop position to rookie Anthony Volpe in 2023. After an intense battle in last season’s spring training, the Yanks chose Volpe over Peraza for the everyday starter’s role. Having said that, Peraza received a call-up later in the season in September and left a profound impact before falling prey to an injury. Regardless, to further elevate his athleticism, the infielder underwent a rigorous physical transformation over the off-season. Oswald shared a before and after picture of his physique on the internet and sent the Yankee fanbase into a frenzy.

Oswald Peraza’s new physique is ripped with visible abs and muscles. The infielder’s muscular and toned physique suggests increased power, agility, and endurance. Meanwhile, the Yankee fans have embraced Peraza’s journey and eagerly anticipate his ascent to the Major League roster. This year, Peraza will be fighting Gleyber Torres and DJ LeMahieu for the infield role. Since Volpe is expected to continue at shortstop, second base and third base are the only choices left with Peraza. Besides, the prospect’s name also popped up in trade rumors. Many believe that Yanks might use him as a prized trade chip to secure a top-tier pitching talent. However, the change is unlikely to happen for now. The farm system has invested a lot of Peraza over the years. Thus, the team would like to yield the same results.

Juan Soto Shares Intense Workout Video Ahead Of Spring Training

NY Post

Star slugger Juan Soto joined forces with the New York Yankees earlier this off-season. He will don the pinstripes for the 2024 season. Needless to say, the fans are excited to see his fireworks on the mound. Meanwhile, ahead of the season kickoff, the slugger shared a glimpse of his off-season grind.

Juan Soto posted a video of his workout session on social media. He had an intense arms and core workout to build up strength for the upcoming MLB season. Having said that, Soto is yet to report for spring training. The slugger is likely to join the team on the set date, which is after February 14th.

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