Dylan Cease, Blake Snell

New York Yankees’ primary division competitors and defending AL-East champions, the Baltimore Orioles, just got stronger for the next season. In an unexpected move, the Orioles traded former CY Young pitcher Corbin Burnes from the Milwaukee Brewers. Despite Burnes’ initial reluctance, the trade was finalized just weeks before spring training.

Needless to say, the New York Yankees were caught off-guard. They passed on to Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Blake Snell while settling for Marcus Stroman. However, with the Orioles strengthening the roster, it’s time for the Bombers to take proactive steps to neutralize the threat. Meanwhile, here are two such steps Bombers must consider before opening day.


Dump Giancarlo Stanton’s Contract

Giancarlo Stanton, Brian Cashman

Giancarlo Stanton is way past his MVP self. Since joining the Yankees, the alleged most feared hitting in the league has either failed to connect balls or spent time on the injury list. While the team thinks the learner physique is a magic bullet, to expect Stanton to hit consistently is delusional. He finished last season with an all-time-low career average of .191. Not only that, the slugger missed 61 games due to injury concerns. In fact, since joining forces in the Bronx, Giancarlo has never played for a 162-game league stage stretch. Additionally, Brian Cashman dropped a truth bomb earlier this off-season when he said that he does not expect Stanton to stay healthy.

Thus, it’s safe to say that the Yankees are gaining nothing from keeping Giancarlo Stanton in the fold. However, to cut ties is equally difficult and painful. Stanton is signed through 2027 with a no-trade clause. Most importantly, he is owed $118 million for the next four years. Therefore, even if the Yanks release him this season, they will end up paying a large chunk of the figure to the slugger in luxury tax salary. Regardless, at this stage in his career, it’s ideal for the Yanks to cut ties and move on. The loss is inevitable. So perhaps it’s better to walk away with the salvaged money than to witness his painful run for the next four years. The Yanks have positioned themselves as the perennial contender for the World Series championship. Thus, it is high time the franchise acts like one.

Yankees Must Trade A Starting Pitcher In Long Term Contract

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The best way to counter the Baltimore Orioles is to acquire a formidable starting pitcher in a long-term contract. Since free agency doors are shut, the trade route remains the only choice. For instance, Dylan Cease and Shane Bieber are two of the best-fit pitchers for the New York Yankees. If Cease can regain his CY Young form, he and Gerrit Cole will wreak havoc amongst the opposition.

Shane Bieber is a less preferred candidate. He will enter his walk year with the Cardinals. But is still capable of guiding his team through the division title. Thus, Bieber is a risk worth taking from the Yankees’ standpoint. Overall, these two moves would allow Yanks to free up some money off the payroll. And re-direct it towards strengthening the pitching staff not just for this season but for the imminent future.

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