Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton is 4-for-45 with no homers, one RBI and 20 strikeouts in his last 13 games.AP

New York Yankees pulled off a trade heist back in 2018 when they traded reigning NL-MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. Stanton was regarded as one of the most feared hitters in the league. Thus, his acquisition was met with positive expectations from the fans and analysts alike.

While Giancarlo Stanton lived up to the hype in 2019, his form went downhill post-2020. In 2023, the slugger hit absolute rock bottom. It not only undermined Stanton’s towering stature but also put his place in the Bronx in jeopardy. Meanwhile, as the slugger gears up for another crucial season, it’s highly plausible he could be playing his last season with the Yankees.


Giancarlo Stanton In The Endgame With Yankees!

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton is hitting .199 this season. He has just two hits during the Yankees’ seven-game losing streak.AP

Once regarded as one of the deadliest hitters in the league, Giancarlo Stanton fell off the bandwagon after two difficult seasons. He lived up to his NL-MVP stature by delivering a 50+ home run season in 2019. Not only that, the slugger witnessed a resurgence in 2021 before hitting a rough patch in 2022. Stanton kicked off the 2022 season on a high and earned an All-Star appearance. However, the second half was relatively underwhelming. Nonetheless, the slugger promised a better performance in 2023. But little did he know that the season would threaten his place in the roster. Last season, Stanton struggled heavily with fitness. After missing the majority of the season on the injury list, he restricted himself on the field. Of course, Giancarlo Stanton’s intentions were right. He wanted to avert any injury risk.

However, the slugger’s reluctance caused the Yankees to play multiple games. Overall, he finished the season with an all-time career-low .191 batting average. Not only that, the hitter landed on the wrong side of general manager Brian Cashman. The GM stirred up a controversy when he said that being injured is a part of Stanton’s game plan these days. After his agent hit back, Cashman clarified that he still values the former NL-MVP. Having said that, Giancarlo Stanton is working hard behind the scenes to prove his relevance. He has apparently opted for a leaner physique to avoid unnecessary pressure on injury-prone areas. Stanton and the entire franchise leadership expect the former to hit the ceiling this year. However, if the slugger misses this opportunity, it’s highly likely his tenure in pinstripes will cease to exist.

Brian Cashman Endorses Giancarlo Stanton Ahead Of 2024 Season!

Giancarlo Stanton, Brian Cashman

Meanwhile, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is relatively pleased with Giancarlo Stanton’s off-season conditioning. He acknowledged the pictures of the slugger’s lean physique and lauded his off-season hard work. “He’s always been a very dedicated athlete. He’s always been determined to be successful,” added Cashman.

Not only that, Brian Cashman believes going leaner at this stage of his career will only add to his success. Moreover, the GM reckoned that Stanton has always been one of the most feared hitters in the league. That ability to haunt the opposition is still intact. And he is pleased to see how the Yankees slugger is slowly falling back to his old self.

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