Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees have been one of the most successful teams in the MLB since its inception. In their golden history, they have won the World Series 27 times. No other team comes even close to winning the World Series 20 times. Legends of the game have represented the franchise in the past, especially Babe Ruth, among the biggest names. Currently, one of the best players in the league, Aaron Judge, captains the NY side.

Moreover, Judge is the 16th Captain in the history of the 27-time World Series champions. Hence, the Yankees are still very iconic and popular in the MLB like they have been in the past. However, the 2023 season has not been kind to the NY side at all. In fact, this season, they have been through one of the most rough periods in years. On Sunday, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Yankees 7-1. With this crushing defeat, the Yankees ensured that they would miss the postseason again after 2016.


What Led To The Current Season’s Disaster For The Yankees?

Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone Source: Bleeding Yankee Blue

Apparently, the Yankees had a nice thing going as they appeared in the playoffs for six seasons in a row. They have the fourth-longest streak of appearing in the playoffs. Moreover, in recent years, the MLB has expanded the playoffs. This expansion helped the NY side to maintain that streak. But previously, the Yankees manager called the current season a “disaster.” Moreover, now the Bronx Bombers can officially say it is over for them in the current season. However, the PECOTA projected the Yankees would have a 99-win season back to back. But the NY side made some changes to the last year’s roster, like adding Carlos Rodon for $162 million.

On the other hand, Aaron Boone’s side lost Andrew Benintendi, Aroldis Chapman, and Jameson Taillon from last year’s rotation. Moreover, the Yankees gave their 16th Captain $360 million. All these changes from last season added to the second-largest payroll in the MLB on opening day. The Yankees added up to a 40-man payroll worth $298.5 million. However, very soon, the fans reached the stage of worrying in New York. Albeit not a disaster, they were 15-14 at the start. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays had a great start to the season, staying unbeaten. But this record unbeaten run of the Bay Rays let the Yankees fall eight games behind the AL East lead.

Many Key Stars Could Not Perform For The Bronx Bombers In 2023

Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NJ.com

After August, the NY side had one goal only to stop themselves from reaching the sub-.500 record. The Yankees had a worse season in 1992. But there have been so many star players who failed this season for the NY side. DJ LeMahieu (2B), Aaron Judge (CF), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Giancarlo Stanton (RF), Josh Donaldson (3B), and Anthony Volpe could not help the team much in 2023.

But Gerrit Cole might win the AL Cy Young award. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge mentioned several things that did not go in the favor of the Yankees. Moreover, Aaron Boone’s side faced a tremendous amount of injury issues this year. Even Captain Aaron Judge could not manage to play as many games as he would like. The last time the Yankees could not manage to make the postseason was back in 2016.