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REVEALED: F1 Analyst Names The Rival Who Is Capable Of Giving Max Verstappen A Proper Fight In Equal Machinery!

Red Bull Racing’s superstar, Max Verstappen, is a lethal force to be reckoned with. He is dominating the sport of Formula One like never before and is all set to defend his drivers’ championship title this season. Even in equal machinery, the Dutchman is giving his teammate, Sergio Perez, a run for his money.

Defeating Max Verstappen in the flying RB19 seems an impossible task. Even his teammate is struggling to match up to him as the Dutch driver’s aggressive driving style, and setup is way more unusual and elite than anyone. Having said that, an F1 analyst named Anthony Davidson recently named one driver who he thinks can challenge Verstappen in equal machinery.


F1 Pundit Bets On McLaren Ace To Challenge Max Verstappen In The Future!

Max Vertsappen
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Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing is arguably unbeatable at the moment. No driver on the grid has been able to match up to him. He recently secured a record 10-race winning streak, which helped his team retain the constructors championship. However, Anthony Davidson believes there is a driver on the grid who is capable of challenging the invincible Max in equal machinery. Davidson believes that Lando Norris of McLaren is a highly skilled driver, and he would love to see him in the second Red Bull seat alongside Verstappen. He thinks Norris has the capability of giving a proper fight to the Dutch driver in equal machinery. He further lauded the British driver’s efforts at the Japanese Grand Prix to chase down Verstappen.

Davidson believes that Lando Norris did a good job given the car McLaren is providing him. This further adds fuel to Norris’ possible jump to Red Bull rumors. The drink-based outfit’s officials have repeatedly favored Norris for the second seat, which Sergio Perez currently secures. However, the British driver is wholeheartedly committed to McLaren as he has a contract till 2025. Moreover, Norris intends to adhere to it and has no plans of jumping ship in the near future. Regardless, the speculations are unlikely to die down anytime soon. Perez’s seat remains under threat, and the Briton will also feel tempted to compete in a championship-winning team. Hence, in Formula One, never say never.

Lando Norris Confident Of Chasing Red Bull In The Future!

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri secured a double podium for McLaren in Japan (Getty Images)

In recent times, Lando Norris has sent out a warning to Red Bull and Max Verstappen after securing a double podium finish at the Japanese Grand Prix. After crossing the checkered flag, Norris grunted, “We are coming for Red Bull.” Not only that but after the race, the Briton reckoned that McLaren was capable of chasing the Bulls in the near future despite finishing 19 seconds behind Max Verstappen.

“We’re pushing, we’re getting there. The progress we’ve made is pretty outstanding,” added Norris. But before McLaren could chase Red Bull, their imminent goal was to secure fourth place in the constructors championship by dethroning Aston Martin. The current point difference is 49, and with the kind of pace McLaren has achieved in the recent past, Norris is riding high on confidence and self-belief.