DJ LeMahieu
DJ LeMahieu hits a 2-run homer. Twitter NYY

DJ LeMahieu, one of the most reliable and powerful hitters of the New York Yankees clubhouse, recorded a horrendous first half of the 2023 MLB season. He recorded some of his worst offensive numbers, which led to a loss of confidence among fans. Moreover, LeMahieu’s age and injury history were working against him.

As the Yankees slipped out of the playoff race, the chorus over DJ LeMahieu’s exit gained momentum. However, the veteran, who has been in the business for a decade, knew how to bounce back. He did eventually regain his old self, but it was too late to salvage the Yank’s terrible season. Having said that, it could be an encouraging sign with 2024’s perspective.


Yankees DJ LeMahieu Credits Overall Discipline For Late Resurgence!

DJ LeMahieu, Sean Casey

The New York Yankees gained a lot of positives towards the last stretch of the regular season. The prospects are thriving, and the bullpen is getting stronger every day. However, the biggest positive by far is DJ LeMahieu’s late resurgence. The veteran has been a key piece of the lineup for years and is regarded as one of the most powerful and consistent hitters on the plate. However, this season has been nothing short of a challenge. He went under .500 OPS in the first half, which raised a lot of eyebrows. But for LeMahieu, it was just a matter of a couple of good at-bats to return to form. He gained that in August, perhaps a little late for the Yanks 2023 campaign.

Regardless, DJ LeMahieu still owes $45 million for the next three seasons, which is why his late resurgence is crucial for the Yankees 2024 season campaign. They need the infielder at his absolute best to fall back into the World Series contention. So, what changed in the second half for the baseman? Apparently, it was a mixture of a lot of things, especially discipline. Sean Casey, for that matter, played a significant role as well. As per Casey, LeMahieu was missing the discipline of his strike zone, which is his biggest strength. It was only until August that the infielder gained full control. He has now reached base in 16 of 17 games and entered Tuesday with a .852 OPS. “It’s definitely nice to have some results,” LeMahieu added.

DJ LeMahieu’s Patience Was On Rare Display Against Boston Red Sox!

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This season, the biggest challenge for DJ LeMahieu has been the loss of patience. During an early slump, he tried to do too many things at once and seemed uncomfortable on the plate. That has certainly changed in the second half. For example, last week against the Boston Red Sox, LeMahieu showed utmost patience. He let two sliders from Mauricio Llovera pass before attacking the third one to secure base.

He has been able to tackle pitch-by-pitch with consistency for the first time this year. If LeMahieu succeeds in maintaining the same streak, he is likely to play a huge role in 2024 for the Yankees. The team needs reliable hitters like Aaron Judge, DJ, and Stanton to be at their absolute best next year. Let’s hope DJ stays DJ for the longest time possible.