Juan Soto

Juan Soto has been the biggest and most crucial addition to this year’s off-season for the New York Yankees. They traded him in a risky one-year deal from the San Diego Padres. Regardless, given Soto’s caliber, the risk was deemed worth it by the qualified Yankee front office.

Having said that, Juan Soto is slated to hit free agency next year. The odds of his signing an extension with the New York Yankees look bleak at the moment. Moreover, The Athletic’s senior MLB writer Britt Ghiroli revealed how monetary constraints will lead to the Yanks falling short of the sweepstakes.


Yankees Cannot Afford Juan Soto, Says MLB Writer!

Brian Cashman, Juan Soto

Juan Soto’s impending free agency presents a dilemma for the New York Yankees, who have long been known for their willingness to spend big on top-tier talent. Moreover, The Athletic’s senior MLB writer Britt Ghiroli has suggested in his recent piece that the Bronx Bombers will be unable to afford Soto next year due to high AAV. Owing to the inflated market conditions and Soto’s promising caliber, he is expected to seek a $40 million AAV deal, as projected by Ghiroli. And under Hal Steinbrenner’s reign, the team seems more focused on keeping payroll under check. “I just don’t see how the Yankees are able to pay a guy like Soto,” said Britt Ghiroli. And to be honest, the senior MLB writer is spot on with his market analysis.

The New York Yankees’ spending capacity has been reduced since luxury tax regulations came into effect. While the team previously suffered heavy penalties, it is highly unlikely Hal Steinbrenner would risk it the third time. Undoubtedly, Soto’s talent and potential are undeniable. But committing to a contract of such magnitude could have far-reaching implications for the Yanks’ financial flexibility and roster construction. Moreover, several key players are already commanding sizable salaries. Therefore, the Bronx Bombers may be hesitant to allocate a large portion of their budget to a single player, even one as talented as Soto. Ultimately, the New York Yankees find themselves at a crossroads as they weigh the potential loss of Juan Soto. It’s important that they maximize his potential this year and aim for the World Series champions.

Aaron Judge Relieved After Return From Abs Injury!

Aaron Judge, Yankees
Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

In a major piece of positive news, the New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge returned to spring lineup after 10 days of absence. The slugger was last seen on field the previous weekend. And had been shut down due to abs discomfort. Amid speculations related to his opening day participations, the captain made a splashing return on Wednesday. Judge featured vs Pirates and drove an RBI upon return.

After the game, Aaron Judge spoke to the media and affirmed that he felt no pain whatsoever. He seemed grateful for the fact that he got a chance to bat out of the cage on the field without any discomfort or injury concerns. “It was fun being a part of this game tonight, and everybody on the lineup was clicking,” said Aaron Judge after the game.

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