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Red Bull Racing is in the midst of a surreal dominant run in F1. They retained the constructors title in 2023 with a 99% win record. Not only that, but their lead driver, Max Verstappen, is currently leading the pack by miles. However, despite unthinkable success, the racing team stands on the verge of breaking apart.

Team boss Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct investigation led to a complete fallout within the team as power struggle escalated at an alarming rate. Amid the ongoing crisis, rivals Ferrari, under the fresh leadership of Fred Vasseur, aims to exploit the situation and poach one of the leading engineers of Red Bull.


Ferrari Takes A Step Forward In Adrian Newey’s Pursuit!

Red Bull

In one of the biggest coups of F1 history, Ferrari signed seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, thus breaking apart the British driver’s 13-year relationship with his former team. Having said that, Ferrari team principal and mastermind behind the Hamilton coup, Fred Vasseur, is not done rocking F1. Vasseur aims to rebuild Ferrari from the ground up by bringing some of the strongest and brightest minds in the paddock under one roof. After Lewis Hamilton, he has eyes on Red Bull Racing’s aerodynamics wizard, Adrian Newey. The aero engineer is widely regarded as one of the finest minds in car development. His understanding of an F1 car’s aerodynamics is impeccable. Not only that, Newey is considered to be the brain behind Red Bull’s ongoing dominant run.

Having said that, while Adrian Newey is committed to serving Red Bull in the near future, the internal power struggle within the team is pushing Newey away. And to further exploit the situation, Ferrari are apparently pursuing Newey aggressively. Fred Vasseur wants to use Red Bull’s crisis to his advantage and lure Newey to Ferrari. Not only that, but as per BILD, talks between the two parties have reached an advanced stage. Notably, the aero wizard has previously expressed his lifelong wish to serve with the red team and how he would love to work with Lewis Hamilton. And now that Lewis and Ferrari are tied up for the 2025 season, Adrian Newey has an opportunity to fulfill his wishes by jumping ships. Having said that, the speculations remain unverified as neither party has come forward with an official statement.

Max Verstappen Doubles Down On Adhering To His Contract With Red Bull

Max Verstappen, Red Bull
Max Verstappen will be heavy favourite to make it three wins from three this season.© AFP

After a premature exit threat in the aftermath of Helmut Marko’s showdown with Red Bull leadership, Max Verstappen backtracked during the Australian GP. During the media day, Verstappen stated that he wants to stay at the drink-based outfit until his existing term ends in 2028. Max added that he signed with the team with a long-term plan and is currently in a great space.

Irrespective of the internal turmoil, Max Verstappen gives more weight to the performance. As long as he’s getting a competitive car and winning races, things are good for him. While Helmut Marko’s presence in Red Bull is equally important, Max Verstappen does not plan to leave the drink-based outfit anytime soon.

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