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Carlos Rodon, who signed with the New York Yankees last offseason, brings a wealth of talent and potential to the team’s pitching rotation. However, his debut year was a total bust. Rodon missed opening day with a forearm strain injury, and during rehab, a chronic back injury flared up, which delayed his debut.

However, even after debut, Carlos Rodon lost his true self and was just struggling with execution. The velocity of his primary pitch, fastballs drop significantly which raised alarm bells. However, irrespective of a horrendous debut year, Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone feels Rodon can post decent number if he gets a certain aspect right.


Yankees Skipper Positive Of Carlos Rodon’s Bounce Back In 2024


Both promise and adversity mark Carlos Rodon’s journey to the New York Yankees. Injuries, including hamstring and back issues, prevented him from reaching his full potential in his debut year in the Bronx. Having said that, despite the challenges he has faced, Rodon has shown flashes of brilliance this spring season. In two starts so far, the pitcher posted a 2.93 ERA with 14 strikeouts. Most importantly, his fastball velocity is back where it used to be during his prime years. Not only that, Rodon is integrating curveballs into his pitching arsenal, which is a massive sign of encouragement for the Bronx Bombers. But can Rodon bounce back from his career-worst season and, importantly, deal with the pressure of playing in New York?

Aaron Boone, the New York Yankees skipper, believes so. In his conversation with Talkin Yanks podcasters, Boone said Carlos Rodon is coming nicely this spring. His fastball accuracy is exactly where it needs to be. And the addition of curveballs is just a step in the right direction. However, Boone feels more than anything, Rodon needs to emphasize staying healthy throughout the 162-game stretch. The skipper feels as long as the pitcher manages to stay healthy and fit, his number will be good this year. Needless to say, the pressures and expectations of playing for a high-profile team like the Yanks can be daunting. But Boone has prioritized creating a supportive environment for Rodon, allowing him to focus on his game and perform at his best on the field. Notably, Rodon will start in Game 2 of the opening series vs Houston Astros.

DJ LeMahieu Confident Of Opening Day Amid Foot Injury

LeMahieu’s struggles are magnified with the team slumping and Aaron Judge sidelined. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

New York Yankees veteran infielder DJ LeMahieu is racing against time to be fit for opening day. He suffered a blow on his right foot last week and has been dealing with soreness ever since. While his opening-day participation is under threat, LeMahieu is confident he will make it in time.

In a recent interview, DJ LeMahieu said he is taking one day at a time. “Baseball-wise, I don’t think it’s going to take me much to be ready,” said LeMahieu. Moreover, since the injury occurred in the same foot that cost DJ a season back in 2019, he has been advised to take a cautious approach and not push unnecessarily.

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