Aaron Boone, Yankees
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MLB plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt tickled the wrong nerve of New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone when he ejected him just four pitches into the Yanks’ season opener against Oakland Athletics. Things turned ugly when Boone had a meltdown as he was wrongfully ejected.

While a fan seated right behind Aaron Boone appeared to have heckled Wendelstedt, the umpire tossed the Yankees skipper regardless, saying that he is responsible for everything that happens in the dugout. That being said, the controversy isn’t likely to die down soon as the skipper has sought league’s higher authorities intervention into the matter.


MLB To Review Aaron Boone’s Controversial Ejection Vs Athletics!

Aaron Boone, Yankees
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On Monday, the Yankee Stadium ballpark turned into a battlefield between Yankees manager Aaron Boone and plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt. All hell broke loose when Boone was ejected just a few minutes into the game for a crime he didn’t commit. Just moments before the controversy broke out, Hunter had an agreement with Boone, who was calling for Esteury Ruiz’s hit-by-pitch call. The umpire warned Boone that he had done all the necessary checks and that he would be tossed if he uttered a word henceforth. The manager agreed to Hunter’s warning and was quietly standing on the dugout fence before he heard Hunter tossing him. Boone was bewildered as he didn’t say a word, and apparently, a fan seated behind him shouted at the umpire.

However, Hunter Wendelstedt upheld his decision and also backed it post-match, saying the nasty comments came from the back end of the Yankees dugout. As a manager, Aaron Boone’s responsible for whatever happens in the dugout, and that’s the reason he chose to eject him. However, Boone also refused to relent and has apparently lodged a complaint with Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president of on-field operations. And as per a source of Daily News, MLB is expected to conduct a thorough review into the controversy and will seek a report from the umpire in the next 24 hours. Apparently, the league has a standard procedure for all ejections and unusual on-field circumstances. Hence, Boone’s case will also be reviewed accordingly. As for Boone, he completely stands by his plea of innocence and refers to the wrongful ejection as embarrassment.

Hunter Wendelstedt Hits Back At Yankees Skipper For False Narration!

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

Despite clear evidences of Aaron Boone‘s innocence, umpire Hunter Wendelstedt continued to hit back the Yankees skipper and deemed his action appropriate. He said he’s done many ejections in the past and he knows exactly where the voice came from. As a manager, Boone runs the Yankees and he will be held accountable in these cases.

Hunter Wendelstedt further accused Aaron Boone of portraying false narratives that he ejected him because of something a fan has said which is not the case, he believes. Needless to say, the controversy is getting dragged on unnecessarily and it is only reflecting bad on the league’s officials and team managers at large.

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