Aaron Boone, Yankees
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New York Yankees passionate and animated manager Aaron Boone was ejected for a record four times last season, during which the team finished outside the postseason with an abysmal 82-80 record. However, the skipper didn’t regret anything, as he was abiding by his duties to protect his players.

However, in the Yankees’ recent 2-0 loss versus the Athletics, Aaron Boone was the victim of one of the fastest ejections in MLB’s history. Plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt tossed the skipper just four pitches into the game after, apparently, a fan yelled from behind the Yankee dugout. The entire bizarre incident put MLB officiating under scrutiny.


Aaron Boone Cries For Justice After Wrongful Ejection!

Aaron Boone, Yankees
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In a major controversy erupted during New York Yankees’ 2-0 loss against Oakland Athletics, skipper Aaron Boone was ejected by umpire Hunter Wendelstedt just four pitches into the game. Esteury Ruiz was hit by Carlos Rodon‘s slider and was accordingly awarded a walk. However, Boone protested from the dugout to question if Ruiz had swung. But Hunter instead snapped back at Boone and warned him to stand down, to which the skipper agreed. Moments later, the umpire tossed Boone after he apparently heard somebody shouting in the direction of the Yankee dugout. Meanwhile, the manager lost his cool and pleaded his case, stating that he hadn’t said a word and that the noise had come from a fan sitting right behind the dugout.

However, Hunter Wendelstedt didn’t pay heed and upheld his call to eject Aaron Boone. The manager was mad, bewildered, and in absolute agony while pleading his case with Hunter. Moreover, a camera angle further revealed that it was indeed a fan sitting right behind Boone who yelled at the umpire and that the skipper was just standing still, observing the game. Following the controversial decision, Boone said the decision was embarrassing and deeply disappointing. He also confirmed his intentions to raise the mattress with the higher MLB authorities. That being said, the entire meltdown was caught on camera, and the headlines were grabbed over Yankees’ abysmal offensive show vs. Athletics at home. The heavyweight hitting lineup denounced Carlos Rodon’s seven-innings shutout show as the team finished blank after the nine-innings game.

Hunter Wendelstedt Holds Boone Responsbile For Ejection!

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Despite doing wrong by Aaron Boone, umpire Hunter Wendelstedt claimed innocence, saying the Yankees skipper deserved to get tossed. He opined that irrespective of where the shout came from, as a manager, Boone is responsible for anything that goes in and around the dugout. “In my opinion, the cheap shot came towards the far end,” revealed Hunter. And since he didn’t want to eject a ballplayer, he chose to hold Boone responsible.

“Aaron Boone runs the Yankees, he got ejected,” said Hunter Wendelstedt. While the legality of the call is up for debate, it’s essential for both umpires and team managers to maintain nerves during a game. As long as sparks continue to flare, these kind of controversies will continue to prevail. Regardless, it would interesting to see how MLB reacts to the call and if Hunter will be subject to any sanction.

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