Juan Soto seems to love his time as part of the New York Yankees. In fact, the fans are even happier to have him on the team. Moreover, there is a huge Dominican diaspora that supports the Bronx Bombers. Hence, the left-handed hitter gets the feeling of being at home in New York. He has often talked about it ever since he joined the NY side. Moreover, as per the needs of the roster, the addition of the Dominican superstar has been a big boost for the offense. Clearly, Juan Soto had a great start to his journey with the Yankees. It has been really impactful so far.

He has already hit five home runs. Moreover, the NY side had a great start to the 2024 season. They really needed a start like that, especially after what happened last year. Moreover, Soto’s presence prevented the Bronx Bombers from a disastrous start despite Aaron Judge having a pretty slow start to the ongoing season. The team has looked like the best in the American League, thanks to Soto, Oswaldo Cabrera, and Anthony Volpe. But fans won’t let go of an opportunity to criticize the players if they lose one or two games back to back. 


Fans Mock Marcus Stroman And Juan Soto For Watching The Knicks Play After Losing To Tampa Bay

Juan Soto, Yankees
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On Sunday, Juan Soto showed his love for other sports in New York, such as basketball. He went to see Game 1 against the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs to support the New York Knicks. Several teammates like Marcus Stroman, Clarke Schmidt, Nestor Cortes, and Gleyber Torres accompanied the Dominican slugger to Madison Square Garden. These Yankees players were sitting at the courtside and were having the time of their lives. While Juan Soto and his teammates showed support to the Knicks, the Yankees Faithful had mixed reactions towards their courtside appearance.

Earlier on Saturday, the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Bronx Bombers 2-0. The fans just reminded the team of their failed offense on Saturday. Against the Rays, the NY side faced a shutout loss after extra innings. However, it was not all of harsh criticism towards the Yankees players. Some fans felt that Juan Soto and his teammates could take inspiration from the Knick’s win against the 76ers ahead of their series finale against the Tampa Bay side. 

The All-Star Slugger’s Offensive Skills Are Not Enough For Yankees To Keep Winning


There is no doubt that Juan Soto has become a fan favorite in New York ever since he moved from the San Diego Padres. Since his arrival, the Yankees Nation started believing again that winning their 28th World Series might not be a far-distant dream anymore. Moreover, Juan Soto has impressed New York fans with his offense and improved his defensive skills. Who doesn’t love seeing the best hitter in baseball hit a home run?

The Dominican slugger had a dream start for the Yankees. But Saturday’s loss was a wake-up call that Soto’s presence is not enough for the team to maintain the winning streak. Aaron Judge must get back to form as soon as possible. The captain’s slow start has been a big concern for the Bronx Bombers. Some fans might see an overdependence on Juan Soto at this point, owing to Aaron Judge’s poor form.

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