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Stephen Curry has had an unbelievable career in the NBA. Even during his high school days, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, had been a top prospect. However, when he joined the Golden State Warriors, not many people had any hopes that he would win a championship. It was not a franchise that was looking like a contender for the NBA title in the late 2000s and early 2010s. But people started noticing the Dubs for the incredible talent of Steph Curry. Everybody could notice the incredible shooting skills of the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio. Later, the Warriors brought in Klay Thompson, who became the Splash Brother of Steph.

Together, Steph and Klay revolutionized the three-point shot in the game of basketball. Later, Draymond Green joined the Dubs franchise. And when Steve Kerr became the head coach of GSW, the team became a formidable force. Eventually, Stephen Curry won four championships in the NBA with the Dubs. He also won a couple of MVPs and multiple All-Star selections. Later, he became the new leader of three-point shots in the NBA. Despite becoming the greatest shooter in the game of basketball, there is one thing that’s missing from his impressive resume. And that’s an Olympic medal. 


Will Stephen Curry Play In The 2024 Paris Olympics?

Steph Curry 1 2024
Stephen And Ayesha Curry Source: CNN

According to China Daily, Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry, have been planning how to make the 2024 Olympics work for their family. After all, they have a “Growing family.” In March, the Curry couple announced that they are expecting their fourth child. Adding to that, they also said that the baby is due in June. However, it was no accident. The couple had the Olympics months of July and August in mind. Stephen Curry said that he and his wife thought about it “Ahead of time.” Since they knew that the Olympics was on the radar, they may have made a different decision. What if “The timing didn’t work at a particular month in the fall?” Anyway, Steph said he and his wife are thankful to the Lord.

Moreover, he wishes everything to go as per plans. Then, he can be available for the Summer Olympics. Moreover, Stephen Curry mentioned that he wanted to play in the previous two Olympics as he was eligible to do so. But then he had to watch the guys whom he had been competing against for the past ten years winning gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics as well as the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Steph also mentioned watching three of his teammates – Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green- come with gold medals. That’s when he knew that he wanted it too.

Was It Steve Kerr Who Pitched The Idea To Steph About Playing In The 2024 Summer Games?

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Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Generally, people would speculate that Steve Kerr being, the coach of Team USA, may have asked his Warriors team’s best player to play in the 2024 Paris Olympics. But it turns out, Curry wanted to play and asked LeBron James and Kevin Durant to team up. As per China Daily, Steve Kerr mentioned that Steph wanted to do it. The Dubs coach said that it is another box that Stephen Curry wants to “Check in his career.”

Moreover, the Warriors cum Team USA coach mentioned 2016 would have made more sense for Curry. Nevertheless, the three-point King is eagerly waiting to win Olympic Gold. It will be really exciting for the fans to see a modern-day American Dream Team after the less star-studded Team USA came fourth in the FIBA World Cup.

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