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Red Bull Racing’s internal turbulence has rocked the racing outfit from within. Ever since team principal Christian Horner was pulled up for inappropriate behavior allegations, the cracks within the leadership broke wide open. Two fractions involved in the alleged power struggle left the team in a lurch.

Red Bull, the reigning F1 champions and also responsible for a never-before-seen-before domination in the sport, has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Naturally, turbulence in the leadership has instilled a sense of dissatisfaction amongst the lower hierarchy, and rival team Ferrari plans to exploit the crisis to secure the team’s future.


Ferrari To Poach A Fraction Of Red Bull Engineers In Latest Coup!

Red Bull

Scuderia Ferrari, under the leadership of Fred Vasseur, means business. Fred aims to accomplish lost glory for the iconic red team, and in a first towards the ultimate goal, Ferrari signed seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton in what will go down as the driver transfer of the century. However, Vasseur is far from done staging unthinkable coups. In the latest bid to destroy the rivals, Ferrari reportedly plans to exploit the power struggle within Red Bull to poach key engineers who contributed heavily to the latter’s impeccable success in the past. Gazzetta news reports that Ferrari approached as many as four engineers from the drink-based outfit for a potential move in 2025.

Enrico Balbo, head of aerodynamics; David Morgan, Red Bull’s aero trackside performance team leader; Ben Waterhouse, the head of performance engineering; and Alessandro Germani, an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics, are the ones to have held talks with Ferrari. While geniuses like Adrian Newey and Pierre Wache are out of Ferrari’s reach, these four engineers are said to have played a crucial role in Red Bull’s success. Notably, Ferrari owner John Elkann was seen exiting Red Bull’s hospitality facility with the CEO of Red Bull GmbH, Oliver Mintzlaff, at Jeddah. Having said that, Ferrari has been under a rebuilding phase ever since Fred Vasseur took over, succeeding Mattia Binotto. The Red team has lost key personnel in the past couple of years. But with Vasseur on board, John Elkann aims to reattain lost glory. And the ongoing crisis at the drink-based outfit is an opportunity for Ferrari to stage a historic coup.

After Helmut Marko & Max Verstappen, Adrian Newey Now Miffed With Christian Horner

Adrian Newey

Red Bull Racing’s internal crisis could explode any minute now. After Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen announced public displeasure over the team’s power struggle, aerodynamics wizard Adrian Newey is reportedly displeased with team principal Christian Horner. As per AMuS, Horner wants to relegate Newey completely to the RB17 hypercar project due to budget cap reasons.

However, Christian Horner’s alleged move has soured his relationship with the team boss. Newey has been a backbone of Red Bull Racing’s impeccable success. While his input has been reduced to specialist opinion, Newey still holds the authority to make key decisions regarding car development. With Ferrari chasing Newey, Horner’s alleged intentions could prove disastrous for his team.

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