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EXPLAINED: Did Lewis Hamilton Move To Ferrari After Losing Faith In Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton, currently on the back end of his glorious racing career, chose to sail a new challenge with Ferrari from the 2025 season onwards. But in the process, he broke a 13-year iconic relationship with Mercedes. With the Silver Arrows, Hamilton graced as one of the most successful drivers of the sport.

However, these past two seasons have been catastrophic for eight-time constructors champions, to say the least. It had negative implications for Lewis Hamilton, who has now gone over 48 months without a race win. Perhaps the seven-time world champions lost faith in Mercedes’ ability to bounce back.


Lewis Hamilton Still Believes In Mercedes’ Capability To Win

Lewis Hamilton
Credit: EFE

One of the alleged reasons behind Lewis Hamilton’s staggering move to Ferrari, presumed by critics, was the driver’s loss of faith in Mercedes’ ability to bounce back after a horrendous couple of seasons. However, the Briton has seemingly squashed the speculations by professing his love for the team. During the Bahrain opener, Lewis Hamilton was asked to weigh his thoughts on his final season with the Silver Arrows. Lewis reckoned his sole focus being on leading the Silver Arrows to the top for one last time. He added how the team has put in a lot of work during the winter. Every person associated with the racing outfit is motivated, and that gives Lewis the belief that Mercedes can indeed regain competitiveness.

“I truly believe that this team is going to win another championship,” added Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton opened up about his close bond with Mercedes, saying the team is much like his family. The success they have had over the past decade has been something the sport has never witnessed before. And the overall Mercedes working structure is just incredible. “They are ultimately really heavily invested in racing and in so many areas,” said the British driver. Ultimately, Hamilton desires to finish on a high with the Silver Arrows this year. That would be the fairy tale ending he deserves. However, based on W15’s performance in Bahrain, the challenge to chase Red Bull, let alone beat them, seems nearly impossible at this moment. Nevertheless, Lewis sees W15’s conventional concept as a good platform to build on for the remainder of the season.

George Russell Contradicts Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Different’ Race Setup Claim

George Russell
George Russell had to climb out of his stricken Mercedes car and leave it on the track (Image: Getty Images)

In the 2024 F1 season-opening round in Bahrain, George Russell finished P5, whereas Lewis Hamilton barely managed to fetch some points at P9. Explaining the contrasting results, Lewis pushed the blame on non-identical race setups. “We veered off – he went one way, and I went the other,” said Lewis. However, in an interesting take, George Russell seemingly contradicted Hamilton, claiming that the setups were largely alike.

George Russell claimed he saw no distinct difference in his and Lewis Hamilton’s race setups for the Bahrain GP. “I’m aware with the cars, we’re pretty similar,” said Russell. The 25-year-old added that he never focuses much on setups. He had more race pace compared to Lewis Hamilton, and that was evident in the results.

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