George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

Sanskar Tiwari

“With Lewis’ Experience..,”George Russell Claims W15 Built Around Lewis Hamilton

Get ready, Formula 1 fans! As the new season kicks off in Bahrain, Mercedes is pulling back the curtain on their revamped W15 car. And here’s the twist: it’s been crafted around none other than Lewis Hamilton’s preferences! George Russell spills the beans, revealing that the team has heeded Hamilton’s advice for a smoother ride. With Lewis’ vast experience leading the way, Mercedes aims to leave last year’s struggles behind and soar to victory. It’s a thrilling start to the season, filled with anticipation and excitement as fans eagerly await the debut of the W15 on the track.

Revamped Strategy Pays Off For Mercedes

Last season, Mercedes faced challenges with its troublesome 2022 concept, a realization that dawned during winter testing. Despite finishing second in the constructors’ championship, both Hamilton and Russell struggled with the unpredictable W14. This year, Mercedes has taken a different approach with the W15, incorporating significant design changes and fulfilling Hamilton’s specific requests.

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton
F1/George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

George Russell sheds light on the collaborative effort between him and Lewis Hamilton in influencing the team’s direction. With a focus on Hamilton’s wealth of experience, the W15 has been designed around the seven-time world champion’s wishes. Russell emphasizes the importance of translating these changes into lap times, recognizing that, despite a promising start, performance is the ultimate measure.

When questioned about his satisfaction with the modifications made for Hamilton, Russell expresses contentment with the changes implemented. Acknowledging the shift to a more rearward seating position, Russell views it as a small but necessary adjustment. He emphasizes the commonality in feedback between him and Hamilton, illustrating their alignment in addressing specific concerns about the car’s stability.

Continuous Collaboration and Commitment

Contrary to any speculation, Russell affirms that Hamilton’s commitment to making the W15 work in his final season with Mercedes remains unwavering. Both drivers actively contribute to simulator sessions, with Russell noting an increase in Hamilton’s involvement. Despite the impending move to Ferrari next year, Hamilton’s dedication to the team and the shared goal of improving performance is evident.

Lewis Hamilton
F1/Lewis Hamilton

Looking ahead, Russell acknowledges the formidable base that Red Bull currently possesses but remains optimistic about Mercedes’ ability to build upon its strong foundation. The collaboration between drivers, engineers, and designers signals a unified front, demonstrating that the team is undeterred by the competition and remains excited about the challenges the season will bring.

As the Bahrain season-opener approaches, all eyes are on Mercedes and its revamped W15. The collaborative effort between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell hints at a strategic shift, reflecting the team’s commitment to addressing past issues and competing at the highest level. With Lewis’ experience as their guiding light, Mercedes is poised to rewrite the narrative on the track and reclaim its position at the forefront of Formula 1. The Formula 1 community eagerly awaits the on-track performance of the W15 and the impact of the changes driven by the combined expertise of its drivers.