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Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WWNY

As the 2024 MLB season inches closer, the New York Yankees have set high expectations from its core. Veteran hitters who disappointed in 2023 remain under pressure to salvage the damage this year. Players like Anthony Rizzo, DJ LeMahieu, and Giancarlo Stanton are expected to unleash their full potential this year.

Speaking of Anthony Rizzo, the explosive first baseman witnessed an unfortunate end to the 2023 season. He suffered from a rare post-concussion syndrome at half stage. Regardless, the baseman, unaware of the diagnosis, played through the adversity, which only made it worse. Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 season, Brian Cashman shared a positive update on Rizzo’s future.


Anthony Rizzo Unlikely To Witness Concussion Traces In 2024!

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Towards the final week of May, Anthony Rizzo remained the Yankees’ top hitter of the 2023 season. However, on one fine afternoon, the first baseman collided with Fernando Tatis Jr of the San Diego Padres. His neck took a blow as Rizzo missed a couple of games. However, he cleared the initial concussion test. And kept playing for nearly two months before mental issues started popping up. Apparently, Rizzo felt dizziness and memory loss episodes in the lead-up to the collision incident. Not only that, but the baseman felt lapses in his reaction time, which raised alarm bells. He eventually complained of the same to the Yankee medical team as they ordered a test. Subsequently, Anthony Rizzo was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and played on IL indefinitely.

Anthony Rizzo felt ready to take up the field toward the final stretch. However, with playoff hopes squashed, the Yankees shut him down to avert the risk of injury aggravation. Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 season, Yankee general manager Brian Cashman updated on Rizzo’s health status. He shared that doctors have cleared Rizzo to take the field in spring training. Apparently, the medical team does not expect concussion symptoms to return in 2024. However, they did warn that brain injuries are tricky. Regardless, Rizzo has already begun off-season training. He posted videos of his workout on social media and seemed fine. Thus, as it stands, Anthony Rizzo is fully healthy to don the pinstripes in 2024. He has been a key figure in the team’s hitting lineup. As a result, the news of Rizzo’s return would surely fuel added motivation to the team’s 2024 season campaign.

MLB Writers Divided Between Orioles And Yankees!

The Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays to win the AL East title on Tuesday night, then had a clubhouse party before returning to the playoff field to pose for team picture.AP

In other news, NJ Media beat writers Randy Miller, Max Goodman, and Bob Klapisch discussed the landscape in the AL East. Goodman and Klapisch firmly believe that the Baltimore Orioles will defend its division title in 2024 as well. However, Miller does not intend to give up on the New York Yankees yet.

While he acknowledged a few missing pieces in the Yankees roster, Miller pointed out inconsistency from the Baltimore Orioles. He believes the Orioles are nothing but a one-hit-wonder. On the flip side, the Bronx Bombers have put in good work this off-season to build a sturdy roster. And the front office managed to achieve success to an extent.

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