New York Yankees did not win the championship last year, but they developed one of the greatest baseball players in, Aaron Judge. Last season he just made history. With the 62 stunning home runs, the slugger broke the record set by Roger Maris, who made 61 home runs in 1961. There have been so many great moments in the 2022 MLB world series. But these are some of the moments that Aaron Judge will never forget. Paving the way for the MVP title, Aaron Judge gradually became 62 homers from 0 throughout the season. And amid these, there had been a lot of struggle, hopes, defeat, and luck, all worth reminiscing.

Apart from the moments of breaking records, one should remember how Aaron Judge made four-game series against the Astros with a 10th-inning walk-off homer and three-run right-hander Seth Martinez. On June 26, for the second time, Judge won against the Astros in three game-winning.

Aaron judge

On July 29, Aaron Judge just made everything he wished on the day. He robbed M.J. Melendez of a home run, hitting a two-run shot, and blasted a grand slam. Just the next day, he became the second-fastest player in the history of MLB to hit his 200th home run. It was the 671st game of Aaron Judge that he won 8-2 over the Royals.

That’s How Aaron Judge Passed The Very Historical Season

Meanwhile, on August 29, Aaron Judge already crossed the 50-homer category. He became the tenth player in MLB, going into the yard losing the game to the Angels, who had the eighth inning of a 4-3 win against the Yankees. However, the next memorable day for Yankees fans came just after five days. On September 4, Judge led off the game against the Rays with his 53rd homer in a 2-1 win.


And just when Judge touched the kingdom of 60s in terms of home runs, on September 20, it became the moment no one can forget. In the ninth inning against the Pirates, Judge paved the way for the game’s win with a five-run frame. He became a 60 HOMER that day, becoming the sixth player of the Major League to enter the same list as Babe Ruth.

Besides, on September 20, Aaron Judge stood neck-to-neck with Roger Maris in terms of making the same number of home runs in a season. In the ninth inning, the slugger runs one against the Blue Jays in Toronto. And on October y, the 30-years old Yankees slugging outfielder finally broke the record for most home runs in a season. Judge paved his way into the record book of Yankees. Playing against the Rangers in Arlington, Texas, the fandom of Judge will always remember the day.

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