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Lewis Hamilton will have to win the 2023 World Title to prove that the legend is not done yet; the best is yet to come. But what if he loses again, just like he did in 2022? The worst season, the nightmare Hamilton had never envisioned, came true last year, and with this, all the impossibilities are getting a vision in the upcoming Formula One season.

In 2022 due to an incapable car, Lewis Hamilton remained out of the title contention. He passes the season without a single pole or win. However, his teammate, George Russell, who joined the team just when Mercedes had the worst car, won his first F1 race and defeated Hamilton by 34 points. However, heading to the 2023 Formula One world championship with hopes to break his own and Schumacher’s record of seven titles, Lewis Hamilton will face these difficulties, which may become the reasons for his loss once again.


These Are The Challenges Ahead Of Lewis Hamilton

To end the debate for the GOAT driver, Lewis Hamilton is just one championship away. Becoming an eight-time world champion seems like crossing hellfire; it took Hamilton’s 16 winning streaks and a very last moment defeat in 2021 is the proof how that the universe is not conspiring towards the Briton, despite his willingness for the thing, as Paulo Coelho says.

Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

Meanwhile, one of the three reasons why Lewis Hamilton might not win the 2023 Formula One world championship is his own teammate. Yes, George Russell, the 24-year-old Mercedes young driver who defeated Hamilton in the same car last season. Who can’t say that he will not be able to defeat Hamilton once again in 2023 when he gets even better and more dominant machinery?

With the Mercedes W14, the team has promised a strong car along with a free game. Whoever drives well wins! This is the principle followed by the principle of Mercedes. Toto Wolff will definitely not prioritize Hamilton over Russell and looking at the skills. The young Briton is statistically doing great, scoring two positions ahead of Hamilton in the driver’s standing. Thus, making the track difficult for the seven-time world champion.

Max Verstappen And Red Bull Plus Ex-Mercedes Engineers! All Together Won’t Let Hamilton Win

Meanwhile, the second thing that may prevent Lewis Hamilton from winning the 2023 championship is the end of the turbo hybrid era. In 2014, Formula One implemented the new rules, and Mercedes adopted them well. But Lewis Hamilton’s stunning victories neglected the fact there are hundreds of engineers working in the factory who hold the same responsibility as the drivers for the team’s win.

In 2022 when the rules changed to ground effect floors, Mercedes started falling down. Why? Because those hundreds of engineers had no experience under turbo hybrid-less rules. This proved that Lewis Hamilton alone could not do anything if the technical director Andrew Shovlin, James Allison, and others failed to build a strong car under the changed regulations.

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

And the last thing that may cause a heartbreaking defeat to Lewis Hamilton in 2023 is none other than Max Verstappen! The way Max Verstappen and team Red Bull are co-ordinating and operating things is greater than Hamilton and Mercedes. In terms of performance and adjusting to the needs, Red Bull is at the highest level at present.

Within the past two years, Red Bull was winning and created a gap of 16 wins with Mercedes. This is true that Mercedes will get adjusted to the new rules by the off-season. But what about Red Bull? Will they not adjust more? Whatever Mercedes will do better, Red Bull will do the best. And that’s how Max Verstappen will once again win the championship.

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