Christian Horner Toto Wolff
Christian Horner Toto Wolff

The increasing number of sprint races in 2023 was a matter of concern for all ten Formula One teams. With such a low budget and fluctuating price, it was impossible to remain under the cost cap. And face the outcomes of the races, which may also bring car damage due to crashes. Expensive teams like Mercedes and Red Bull, who once breached the budget also was upset with FIA.

But now, just as FIA implemented a set of new rules in 2023, it provided relief to the teams in terms of spending. Now the teams are allowed extra expenditures due to one of the rules. In 2023, the teams can use $1 million more than they got in 2022. This is because of three extra sprints scheduled on the calendar.


In 2022, the second year with the budget, there were only three sprint races for which the Formula One teams were allowed to deduct $150,000 with one passing sprint session from the annual cost report. And, to aid the damages occurring during the race, FIA allowed them an extra $100,000 allowance. However, in 2023 as the number of sprints exceeded 3 to 6, FIA looked after the price concerns. And they exceeded the budget amount for the sprints by $300,000. Now the Formula One team will get a $1.8 million allowance. But the extra safety net for crashes is not included this time.

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Formula One Sprint Race

A Huge Relief To The Formula One Teams For Extra Allowance In The Budget Due To 6 Sprints

FIA launched several regulations change in 2023, following the porpoising issues that risked the driver’s lives last season. Along with the sprint races, there will be height rides this time. This will mend the bouncing problems of the cars, a benefit to Mercedes. Recently, FIA released a financial report revealing the changes in spending.

The document explains, “The World council approved several updates and clarifications to the 2023 and 2024 Financial Rules [of Formula One]. These include the increase of the forfeit allowance amount for each Sprint session from $150,000 to $300,000 from the 2023 season. However, with this, there will be an elimination of the extra allowance the teams get for accident damage sustained during the Sprint races.”

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Now the crashes taking place in any of the six sprint sessions will be counted out of the team’s yearly budget. It will not be coming from their end; FIA has allowed an extra budget for the accidents. This is done with the aim of providing relief to the teams which are already a victim of such a low budget during times of higher unit prices in European countries.

The 2023 Formula One season will begin in the first week of March. It will be a 23-race season. The Sprints are scheduled to happen in Azerbaijan for the first time in April. The rest will feature later in Austria, Belgium, Qatar, The United States, and Brazil.

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