As we already knew, Red Bull\’s NYC launch was going to be its greatest launch in history. As a result, the Austrian racing team announced their new major partner, Ford, to run together from 2026. However, the best part about the launch was looking at the stunning RB19, which the team claimed to be their championship-winning machine. But the one thing that shocked fans was the appearance of RB19, which looked exactly the same as RB18.

The new Red Bull car was apparently not the same in which Max Verstappen is going to sit. This is because it had the mirror of 2022, which is way smaller than what FIA has imposed for 2023. So the mirror of RB19 is somewhat illegal as it is from 2022. Red Bull holds history where they showed a dummy during the launch and bought the real car directly in Bahrain. In many aspects, it is getting clear that they did not show the real RB19 last day in New York.


In addition, asked Christian Horner about the matter focusing on the dummy car that they revealed in NYC. He said, \”the car that was unveiled on Friday obviously will be somewhat different from when you will see it in Bahrain.\” Later Horner admitted that on the last day, the main focus was not on the car\’s launch. But it was the announcement about the team\’s aspirations for the years in the future and the partners that Red Bull will have. And the exciting announcement of the Ford partnership.

Max Verstappen Has Not Yet Seen The Original 2023 Red Bull Car

The Red Bull principal explained that revealing their partnership with Ford in the USA was important because of marketing purposes. It was the first time for Red Bull racing to do it in the US market. However, Christian Horner revealed, \”what you have seen today is obviously not a total reflection of what will hit the track in Bahrain in a couple of weeks\’ time.\”


Besides, the two-time world champion who is going to challenge everyone on the grid with RB19 has claimed, \”I have not seen the car yet, to be honest.\” However, he has been explained the upgrades in terms of lap time and how the car will behave this time. So, even Max Verstappen is unaware of the brand-new car that will get launched in Bahrain for the first time. He has also not seen any pictures or renders of the car. This is because Max is basically not interested in these kinds of things. All that the dutchman wants is a fast car; looks never really matter to him.

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