Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge did break not only Roger Maris\’ record last year but also became the Yankees captain. Eight years after Derek Jeter retired, no one became worthy of the vacant role. But with 62 home runs, Aaron Judge made himself deserving of the captaincy role and a nine-year, $360 million deal. Judge became MVP of 2022, and he also became the Male Athlete Of The Year for TIME and AP joining the wall of legends like Babe Ruth.

However, the one thing that could not prevent anyone from getting surprised last year was Roger Maris\’ record that Judge broke. Maris made 61 home runs in 1961 which remained the highest homerun record of a season until 1998. Now that Aaron Judge made 62 home runs in 2022, he broke the previous Yankees record. But is he going to do the same thing once again? For the answer, the son of Maris, Roger Maris Jr., has to say something. Just ahead of the spring training, there has been a not-so-positive prediction about the record-breaker slugger.


Aaron Judge Realized The Same Thing As Roger Maris

Speaking with Dan Martin of the New York Post, Maris\’s son said, \”What das was going to do in 1961, he never realized it before. That year was an anomaly.\” And according to him, this is what happened with Aaron Judge. Also, he did not realize what he was gonna do in 2022. However, this certainly does not mean that he is not capable of doing it, of breaking records. But at this time, you need to accept that it was an amazing year. \”You can\’t go to the park expecting to hit home runs,\” said Maris Jr.

He believes that 19161 took a lot of his Dad. Not only with the season but also when it ended. Roger Maris had to go through everything that Aaron Judge is going through today because of the enormous HR. There is a significant demand on your time, and when you turn around, all that you get is to start again.


In 1962, Roger Maris did not make 61 home runs. He only had 33 in his hands. But this did not make him worth less because New York Yankees were the winner. Your personal scores indeed matter, but when you fail to make it again next year, it is okay until your team wins. So if this year, Aaron Judge fails to score more runs like Maris, he will need to make the Yankees win; only then his falling personal records won\’t matter.

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