Red Bull\’s Helmut Marko Calls for A F1 Communication Rule Change, Create troubles For Struggling Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes!

Lewis Hamilton & Helmut Marko

Communication between the teams and drivers during an F1 race is a key factor allowing the drivers to get useful assistance while racing. However, Red Bull\’s advisor Helmut Marko has claimed that Formula 1 needs to initiate a communication rule change. The amendment could affect Lewis Hamilton\’s chances of winning a race this season even more.

The former Austrian driver believes that one-way communication between the drivers and the team engineers is the best way forward for motorsport. Marko claimed that drivers receive support from their team while driving due to the two-way communication channel. However, the 79-year-old insisted that any form of communication from engineers to the drivers needs to be entirely banned, and only the drivers must be allowed to speak through one-way communication. 

F1 tested Marko\’s approach in the past hybrid era. However, the strategy was never implemented, and the communication quickly returned to the current format. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton received support regularly from his team chiefs as the team struggled with porpoising and lack of pace. Thus, if the one-way communication rule came into action, it would make it even harder for Hamilton to win his first race of the season. 

Hamilton & Marko

Talking about the two-way communication, Marko felt that it was partly like being in the driving school. Helmut suggested that F1 could restrict communication and limit it to one direction, allowing only the driver to speak and not get technical support from his team. The Red Bull advisor added, \”It\’s like, you lose five seconds in turn ten when braking and in turn three the other driver driver takes it a little more slowly.\”

How Would One-Way Communication Affect Teams?

Marko claimed that getting information about their rivals\’ position makes it much easier for the drivers. However, Marko\’s suggestion seems to be a little bizarre. The rule change would affect an excellent two-way partnership between Max Verstappen and Red Bull\’s Gianpiero Lambiase. Thus, if the rule is implemented, Red Bull\’s dream partnership would have to come to an end.


However, Charles could benefit from the communication rule change. He lost the lead in Monaco after Ferrari\’s error resulted in a P4 finish for the Monegasque. Several mistakes from the Scuderia and their F1-75\’s reliability issues have resulted in Leclerc slipping down in the drivers\’ championship. 

The Monegasque was quite frustrated by what happened in Monaco. A similar situation came up in Silverstone when Sainz pitted for softs during the late safety car while Leclerc stayed out. Charles

said that some mistakes happen. But, his team could not afford to keep repeating them when they are quite strong. The 24-year-old felt that Ferrari needed to clinch the opportunities to put up a better performance. Ferrari would hope to keep their winning momentum which they regained with Sainz\’s victory in Silverstone. F1 moves to Austria for the 11th GP of the 2022 championship.

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