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After almost a week of delaying, on Monday, Formula One\’s governing body, FIA, finally revealed the finding of its audit after the alleged budget cap violation. The findings revealed that Red Bull crossed the decided budget regulations in the 2021 Formula Championship. Although, the outfit has escaped any major punishment, as the breach was under 5%. However, the team boss Christian Horner is disappointed with the scenario. Not only that, the team is still affirming that they were below the cost cap last year. Therefore, they will review the FIA\’s investigation thoroughly.

Red Bull Found Guilty Of Budge Cap Breach!

The governing body of Formula 1 delayed their pronouncements from last week. But on Monday, they finally distributed compliance certifications. Red Bull was the only one of the ten teams that the FIA claimed had overspent during the previous season. In addition, Aston Martin was found guilty of a \”procedural infringement\”. However, they did not exceed the cost limit.


According to the reports, Red Bull breached the $145 million budget cap by less than 5% in the last season. The organization in charge of F1 has not provided a precise number. And apparently, the only team to go above the cap is Red Bull. According to the Fédération Internationale de l\’Automobile, its Cost Cap Administration is now deciding the best course of action to follow in accordance with the financial legislation.

Red Bull Still Holds Their Ground!

After the FIA revealed the compliance certificate on Monday, Red Bull was found to be guilty of transgressing the allocated budget of 145 million dollars. Naturally, the team is certainly not happy with the FIA\’s findings. 

The FIA informed Red Bull that they had violated the cost cap guidelines for the 2021 season, which shocked and displeased them. The Austrian team mentioned the FIA\’s conclusions in a statement, but it didn\’t seem like they were the ones they agreed with. They continue to hold the view that they stayed within their budget, as team principal Christian Horner repeatedly said last week.

The outfit claimed that its 2021 proposal was within the cost cap restriction in the statement that was posted on social media immediately after the FIA\’s announcement. Considering that they think the pertinent expenditures are below the 2021 cost limit figure. They also wish to carefully examine the FIA\’s conclusions. The response from Red Bull is consistent with remarks Horner has previously made. Even if there were rumors to the contrary, he had made it clear that he did not anticipate his squad to be connected to any rule violation. He stated in Singapore, \”I\’m completely confident in our submission.\”

Meanwhile, the FIA made no mention of any potential sanctions for the teams who did not adhere to the guidelines. Williams received a £25,000 punishment earlier this year for submitting their documentation on the subject late. Therefore, violating the regulation would probably result in a significantly heavier fine.

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