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Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Formula One team Oracle Red Bull is on another level this season. They have already won seven out of seven races that have happened so far. In the constructor’s championship, they are leading the second seed team Mercedes with more than 100 points. And the reason for their success is their superior RB19 car. That car has a much better floor, and it helps the car run faster. Due to the great work of the engineers behind the fastest car on the grid, at present, the Red Bull drivers are enjoying a healthy lead over the rest of the grid.

Max Verstappen is enjoying a 53 points lead over his teammate Sergio Perez. On the other hand, Checo, who is in second place, is enjoying 18 points lead over Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso in third place. Hence, everybody is curious to know the secret behind the fast Red Bull car. But along with the success, there are a few controversies attached to the car’s superiority. Apparently, Mercedes driver George Russell claims that Red Bull has hidden extra pace in the RB19 car. They are trying to hide the extra pace from the eyes of the FIA. Are they? Keep reading to find out.


Red Bull Denies Any Allegation Of Hiding Any Reserve Pace In RB19

Team Red Bull
Team Red Bull (Getty Images)

After Russell’s comment on the team, Red Bull has denied any such allegation of containing reserve pace this year. The technical director, Pierre Wache, confirmed that George Russell’s claims are utterly untrue. He claims that they are trying to improve the quality of the car in every race. As a response to the question of whether there is any more potential left to use, Wache mentioned that “No, we’re like everyone else. Just trying to save the tire and manage them to increase the lengths of the stints.” The Red Bull team is even looking for more choices in strategy planning. However, the technical director does not agree with boss Christian Horner that Red Bull is still very ahead of the competitors despite their addition of new upgrades.

As Wache asserted, the Milton Keynes team might have an advantage over others while managing the pace of the car during a race. But the competitors are close in terms of performance. However, the Red Bull rivals made a lot of changes to their car, seeking them as inspiration. Moreover, their car’s floor also got leaked to their rivals when Sergio Perez crashed in Monaco. The crane lifted the car, and the floor was easily visible. Hence, the competitors like Ferrari made changes to their floors along with side pods and floor suspension.

Pierre Wache Gives More Details On RB19’s Strength

Pierre Wache Red Bull
Pierre Wache Red Bull Source:

Regarding the exposed floor design at Monaco, Pierre Wache revealed that it was frustrating for the team. He mentioned, “It was frustrating to see the car in the wall. But I’m sure the competitors had a preview of the car while it was at the garage.” Moreover, the competitors’ cars were also visible as the crane lifted their cars as well. However, the French technical director was just proud of the incredible RB19 car. Wache mentioned that the key is to build the car as quick as possible. Apparently, “Producing downforce without dragging the car in any massive way on different tracks is Red Bull’s main strength.”