Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is a long way ahead of the rest of the drivers at present. He is 53 points in the lead of his teammate Sergio Perez who is in second place. Moreover, Red Bull is at the top of the standings since they won all seven races so far. Their drivers also finished at one-two multiple times this season. And all the credit for this hegemony goes to their RB19 car, which is fast and smooth.

Team Red Bull has been very successful in building the fastest car with a unique floor design. Unlike other teams who have really struggled back-to-back seasons with their cars. Most prominently, their arch-rival Mercedes has lost its grip on the title because of the complications with their car. But the Austrian team has displayed no signs of weakness so far. However, in the second practice session of the Canadian Gran Prix, Red Bull lost their top two finish. And surprisingly, Mercedes had a top-two finish, with Lewis Hamilton leading FP2. Meanwhile, due to some unexpected results at the practice session, Max Verstappen, for the first time, discussed some weaknesses of RB19 in Canada.


Max Verstappen Shocks Everybody After The Practice Sessions In Canada

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: RacingNews365

Apparently, in FP1 at the Canadian GP, Max Verstappen had an adequate P5 finish. But in FP2, he finished at P6, and his teammate, Sergio Perez, finished at P8. Surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton was four-tenths faster than him. However, it does not matter what happens in the practice sessions because the final race is a whole different ball game. Despite this, Verstappen discussed that he is not happy with the RB19 car ahead of the main race on Sunday. Hence, it is difficult to predict the result of the Canadian Grand Prix this season.

Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver currently on the grid at Canadian Grands Prix. As he has won the Canadian GP seven times, like Michael Schumacher. But Mercedes did not have a great time in Canada last year as their engine broke down. But Max Verstappen says that it does not look good for Red Bull this year unless the car gets better. The current double-time champion feels that he may not be able to continue winning this season if the car displays so many problems over the bumps and the curbs. Moreover, Max Verstappen hopes the weather be on his side on the final day of the Canadian Grand Prix, unlike what happened on Friday. The rain made it tricky for the Dutchman, which he would like to avoid on the final day.

Lewis Hamilton Can Take Advantage With His Rival’s Going Down

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Source : Franceinfo

Evidently, the other Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, struggled as well on Friday. In FP1 and FP2, Checo was P4 and P8, respectively. Nobody predicted the results of the practice sessions about what actually happened. But the results open up possibilities for other teams like Aston Martin and Mercedes to get a win finally this season. Lewis Hamilton would like to better the results of what happened in the Spanish Grand Prix. He would also hope to go past Schumacher’s record of seven wins in Canada. Hamilton has got seven, too, and would love to get his eighth Canadian Grand Prix win.