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Max Verstappen Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is having the time of his life on the Formula One grid. He is the current double-time champion of the F1 world and is leading the current points table as well. Both the team and the driver are enjoying a healthy lead over the others. And evidently, the Dutchman is now on his way to winning three consecutive titles.

Looks like Max Verstappen is enjoying the people around him in Red Bull. He is good friends with the Aussie third driver Daniel Ricciardo and the Mexican rival cum teammate Sergio Perez. Max also has good chemistry with the team principal Christian Horner. Moreover, the Red Bull team is quite famous for doing silly pranks and brutally trolling one another. They are often called party lovers. Amidst this fun scenario, Max Verstappen recently made fun of the team boss bringing up the old memories of the go-karting days of chief Horner.


Max Verstappen Trolls His Boss For Being Slower Than His Mom In Go-Kart

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Apparently, the Red Bull team boss and Max’s mother used to race back in their go-karting days. Citing those days, in an interview with the Times, Max Verstappen mentioned how his mom was faster than his boss Horner. As the Dutchman hilariously mentioned, “Christian was slower than my mum in their g-karting days.” For the fans’ information, before getting into F1 team administration, Christian Horner was a go-kart driver. But he ended his racing career very soon to get into administrative jobs in F1. At first, he joined the Arden organization. Later, he joined Red Bull before they made their F1 debut back in 2005.

On the other hand, Max Verstappen also comes from a racing background. Both his parents were racers. His father, Jos Verstappen, has been so passionate about Formula One all his life that he worked really hard in training his son to be a world champion. Senior Verstappen was also a part of more than 100 Grand Prix. Max’s mom, Sophie Kumpen, was also a go-kart racer. Even though Sophie’s career could not go past the go-kart races, she had raced against the potential drivers in F1. However, Max Verstappen shared the story about his mom and Christian Horner, saying, “It is hilarious. I spoke with Christian Horner about that. He knows he was slower than my mum.”

Racing Runs In Verstappen Household

Verstappen Family
Verstappen Family Source: Pinterest

In the interview, Max Verstappen spoke about the different styles of his parents’ driving styles. As per the 25-year-old champion, “My father was more aggressive than my mother. You can see the difference between the way my dad sat on the go-kart and the way he drove it.” Although his mom was more on the clean side. Sophie also told Max that she used to struggle with strength at times.

His mom was smaller than the other guys. That’s why she could not force the go-kart. Sophie had to find another way. However, it is indeed true that racing runs in the blood of Max Verstappen. Moreover, his uncle Anthony Kumpen was a GT2 racer. Uncle Anthony won the 1998 and 1999 GT2 championships. Hence, there is no doubt where the competitive energy in Max comes from.