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One of the former Formula One driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, believes that Red Bull is one of the teams which plays with a sharp mind. And this advantage can lead them to win another championship this year. After 2013, the team did not see the trophy shine. But in 2021, they got the universe conspiring in their favor. The year went a little controversial, some claimed Max Verstappen was not that deserving. But Lewis Hamilton was, and so the title belonged to him. But in 2022, the team had to face no such critics. The team spectacularly won 17 Grand Rixs and clinched both titles with Verstappen\’s record-breaking scores.

Red Bull came from nowhere and marched the way to their dominance, diminishing the Mercedes era in Formula One. Last year, the Silver Arrows had to face what they never envisioned; even in nightmares, they were about to wrap up the season with zero wins. But as George Russell, the newcomer, won his maiden win in Interlagos, Mercedes was saved from falling completely off the podium in the constructor\’s standings.


Ferrari Makes \”What The Hell Calls,\” But Red Bull Never Fails To Surprise With Their Right Call

#86: Juan Pablo Montoya, Arrow McLaren SP Chevrolet

With this, several F1 pundits came out to reveal the key to Red Bull\’s unexpected success and how the team came to the front in 2022 from the back of 2020. Well, the former F1 driver, Montoya, thinks the only advantage that Red Bull has is the \”Strategy.\” Montoya had been a Williams and MacLAren driver, and he better knows how things work in Formula One, in which Red Bull is already a master.

In an interview with Autosport, Montoya said, \”The reigning champion team does such a good job with the strategies that they make everybody else stupid.\” However, he definitely does not believe that the rest of the teams do not know how to make good strategies. But here, Red Bull has a \”better understanding.\” And the most important thing is that they know how to do it right when they need to do it.

Montoya believes in Red Bull so much that he knows even if they make a wrong decision, they will make things right. However, this does not prevent other teams from making the right call. Mercedes and Ferrari do it too. But when they make the right call, The Milton-Keynes based team \”makes the better one.\” So there is no way to beat them. The gap between a better performance remains there.


Besides, Juan Pablo Montoya tends to personify himself s Red Bull. He said, \”If I were Red Bull, I would be looking more to what the rival teams [Mercedes and Ferrari] can bring. He believes that, comparatively, the Prancing Horses have no strategies for pitstops. Sometimes fans say, \”Who the hell is making such calls in Ferrari? \” But there is no such case with the Austrian team.

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