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Thanks to Max Verstappen\’s glorious run, Red Bull is currently ruling the 2022 Formula One Championship in both driver\’s and constructor\’s championships. There is no doubt that the Austrian racing team has come a long way ever since its debut in Formula One in early. 2004s, to the point, that Lewis Hamilton, who previously called Red Bull a drinks company, had to praise the cars created by the team. However, one area where they still lack is building their own power unit. However, this may all change soon, as Boss Christian Horner believes now is the right time for the team to start building their own power units. 

Is Red Bull Going To Build Their Own Power Units?

Red Bull Powertrains took over the management of Honda\’s power units last year as the Milton Keynes plant moved closer to becoming an engine builder in its own right, beginning with the next power unit cycle. They were a long-time Renault client prior to using the Honda units. Between 2010 and 2013, their alliance produced four world championship seasons. But it ended bitterly in the end. In the hybrid era, Renault, in the opinion of Red Bull, lagged behind the other power unit producers.


Red Bull and Porsche had been discussing a possible partnership as work on the new site intensified. However, it has now been announced that this will not happen, despite the German manufacturer\’s claim that F1 is still a desirable environment. Red Bull\’s team principal recently discussed the organization\’s future goals in this regard. In an interview with Sky Sports, Christian Horner disclosed that the team decided to start producing power units more than 18 months ago.

Horner also said that the company had hired some of the finest talents in Formula One. The team now has over 300 skilled personnel working in Red Bull Powertrains. The team is working tirelessly to be able to build their own power units. Earlier, there were also talks with Porsche to move the project further. But both companies failed to reach a common ground. However, according to Horner, this does not change anything for the Austrian racing team. And they are looking forward to the exciting new journey of building power units. 

Verstappen Impressed with Red Bull\’s Efforts!


As Red Bull is venturing into the realm of building their own power units, their efforts have been praised by the Champion driver Max Verstappen. In an interview with the media, Max Verstappen discussed the new power unit project.

 Max acknowledged his appreciation for Red Bull\’s efforts and his happiness with them. Additionally, he said it would be wise to hold off on making any decisions until 2026. It will be intriguing to see if Max Verstappen and Red Bull can maintain their leadership after all the changes.

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