Red Bull- Ford

On February 3, meaning today, Red Bull launched their new car for the 2023 Formula One championship in NYC. However, with the unveiling of RB19, very breaking news is also getting revealed. Maybe Red Bull claimed this launch as their biggest One ever because they are going to announce their engine partner today. And surprisingly, it is not HONDA but their old friend, FORD!

The secret that Red Bull was hiding before the car launch day is unfortunately leaked and getting spread on social media. Max Verstappen is getting prepared for RB19\’s launch with hopes of clinching his third world title, ending Hamilton\’s era in Formula One. On the other hand, due to a technical gaffe, the very essential secret of the team got revealed just ahead of the New York Friday launch. It is saying that Red Bull has the US car giants Ford in the pipeline for the 2026 engine development regulations of Formula One.

Along with Sauber\’s Audi entry, Ford is also coming in Formula One. This is probably what FIA was waiting for, as they extended the deadline for the new entries in F1. Nevertheless, Red Bull is not breaking their present contract with Honda, as the Japanese motor company is all set to provide engines to the reigning champion team until 2025. However, the team was lacking in having an engine partner in the 2026 registration.

Ford Opened Up About Their New Contract With Red Bull


Honda has announced their individual entry. Red Bull has also been reported to launch their own Powertrains. But still, it will need an engine partner in terms of marketing support. As per the reports, the American car manufacturer is getting themselves prepared for the Formula one entry. Over the course of three years time, Ford will design their engine under the new regulations. And, then, the Milton-Keynes-Based team will match their potential with the 2026 F1 season.

According to the News Agency of Ansa, Ford opened up about their contract signing with Red Bull. The negotiations between the pair were in rumors for so long. But is there any actual deal that was still a secret? However, now, that too got a clarification from the media agency. So far, Red Bull has released no comments on the above.

Although this does not mean they have denied the contract news to be correct. Red Bull is probably hiding this information because they were meant to launch it on 3rd February with their new single-seater launch. As a result, making it the biggest launch in history.


Meanwhile, Red Bull\’s boss, Christian Horner, champion Max Verstappen, and teammate Sergio Perez are already in New York. And as reported, Ford\’s chief, Jim Farley, and the CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali, are also present in the city. The last time Ford had its impact in Formula One was in 2004. But after Red Bull bought the team, Ford was absent in the paddock. But they are coming back, with their old partner once again, in the fresh 2026 regulations.

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