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Since when Mohammed Ben Sulayem took the presidency of FIA, there has been a constant change in the Formula One constitution. Some of the introduction of the major rules include the \’Cost Cap budget\’. The end of the \’turbo hybrid era,\’ and the launch of the ground effect aerodynamics. In addition, a ban on making political statements has also been imposed.

However, all of these were implemented in the sport with the aim of making it financially stable and allowing an easy overtake between the cars. But are these really effective? According to Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott, these new regulations of Formula one is not at all match the expectations.


Unfortunately, Mike Elliott is not a big fan of all these regulations that Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been launching in Formula One. After the 2022 rules revolution, the scope of improvement in the sport was envisioned. But Mike believes it is going in the wrong direction. No improvements can be seen. Rather, a different set of rules to work with is seen.

In an interview with Autosport, Mercedes\’s technical director explained that anticipatory new regulations are not leading the teams to get closer to the grid. He remained unsure whether it was just because of the weakest Mercedes car or not. But \”I have not been a huge fan of them,\” he said.


\”We Are Not Going In The Right Direction With The New Regulations,\” Said Mike Elliott

Mike further explained, \”If you look at what FIA was intended to do with improving the overtaking of cars easily, they have definitely allowed the cars to get closer in the corners.\” However, he is in doubt that they have not lost out on the straights in terms of the wake and the drag reduction of the cars that they are supposed to get. Mike Elliott says, \”I do not feel that we have seen significantly closer racing. We have just seen a different set of rules to work with.\”

An engineer who knows how things work with cars and how these rules are limiting their performance believes \”it is just a set of new regulations. Or let\’s say it is just a set of constraints that one is trying to deal with at present.\” In terms of making your car the fastest on the grid, it does not matter what the outcome will be. Whatever it will be, there is always a challenge to overcome for the team.


However, Mike Elliott reckons that fans\’ demand is, at first, the most important thing. What is required to make a great race, and how can one make their car suitable for it? These are the main questions that the teams need to deal with. With these regulations, are we going on the right path? \”Maybe, I m not sure,\” said Elliott.

Speaking about the 2026 engine development regulations that FIA is all prepared to launch, Mike Elliott said, \”We are going to need different chassis in order to follow those regulations.\” He hopes for a good outcome.

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