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Uzma Fatima

Red Bull Finally Revealed Their Secret RB19 On Testing Day As Showed A FAKE At Launch! CHECK OUT

Red Bull, the team that surprised everyone in the world with their strongest comeback in 2022, once again tried to plan a surprise for fans. On February 3, they organized the grand event for the 2023 Red Bull car launch. The RB19 was finally revealed in front of the audience. Fans saw no specific changes in the new car, given that the RB19 is just an upgraded version. Only a few updates on the livery were spotted.

Meanwhile, the question that comes to fans’ minds is, the car unveiled on launch day was a real one or just a dummy? Some of the facts proved that it was a dummy car or a fake one, totally different from the one that Max Verstappen will be driving in the 2023 championship battle. Well, if so, then let’s distinguish between them. This is because the final, the new Red Bull RB19 car that will run in the F1 official test run, is finally out.


Red Bull Reveals The Best Side Pods They Used In The New Car Only In Bahrain

When all the Formula teams, except Red Bull, launched their 2023 car, they went for a test run right there. Ferrari’s SF-23 went into action by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz on February 14 in Maranello. Mercedes W14 was also taken to wheels by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in Silverstone. Fans were presented with amazing footage of the new cars. But Red Bull, the reigning champion team, who became the first major team to reveal their 2023 F1 challenger, kept the car blur in the footage of their first drive. When the team threw a test drive of the RB19, the images of the car were hidden. Moreover, in the footage, no one could see if this was the same car as the one unveiled on the launch day.

However, now that the 2023 F1 pre-season testing has finally started today in the Bahrain International Circuit, fans finally got to see the new Red Bull car. This machine is meant to bring the third-world title to Max Verstappen. The RB19 was revealed in the sunshine, and the fan can figure out heavily refined aerodynamics. There have been noticeable changes in the front wings, the nose of the car, and side pod areas. And the engine cover, which also includes the air box.

As mentioned by the Race, “Red Bull tried to maintain maximum secrecy over its new design until the last moment.” Apparently, fans can see a dramatic change in the undercut side pods of the car. They also found that Red Bull has used the “same suspension philosophy of 2022 also in the 2023 car.” And with that, Red Bull became the first car to have the detail along the floor edge.