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“Red Bull Facing Serious Issues But Not Showing Them,” Claims Technical Director Adrian Newey

Even after starting the 2023 F1 season victoriously dominative, Red Bull is somehow afraid of not being consistent with RB19’s pace. Of all the team that needs major developments to compete with Red Bull, the team itself is bringing on improvements. In order to ensure Max Verstappen’s third world championship this year, Red Bull’s technical officer Adrian Newey is preparing major upgrades in the car as he suspected a little issue with the new strongest Red Bull car.

The benchmark that Red Bull has set with Max Verstappen in the season opener itself is out of reach for rivals like Mercedes. But a surprising and unexpected competitor has emerged in Aston Martin. And now, instead of Lewis Hamilton or Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso is acting as the most difficult obstacle for Red Bull. He got back on the podium at Bahrain GP 2023 and was just 39 seconds behind Sergio Perez, who finished second after Meax, the winner.

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It was indeed Red Bull’s reign at the Sakhir International circuit two weeks ago. But what guarantee can anyone give if Aston Martin or Ferrari, or others can’t replace the Austrian team in the upcoming weekends? Since that Red Bull has given the target competition, the rival started preparing for major upgrades. And now Red Bull does not want to remain in the same state. They want a guarantee. Not a single issue can prevent the team from being dominant as it is.

The Fact That Ferrari Can Comeback As Red Bull Did Last Year Haunts Adrian Newey.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Adrian Newey somewhat announced that Red Bull won’t be as strong as that week in and week out. He believes that the Bahrain Grand Prix may remain an exception this year because the domination there was not “quite as smooth as inside” as it was in 2022, as they expected it to be.

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Team Ferrari 2022 Bahrain GP

Adrian Newey brings back the past story of Red Bull Vs. Ferrari, where the Scuderains finished one-two, and Red Bull failed. “We were not quite as quick as Ferrari,” he said. And now this adds to one of the concerns of Newey. He fears that Ferrari’s comeback can swing around very quickly and beat Red Bull as they did last year in defeating Sergio Perez from the driver’s standings.

Also, the fact that Red Bull has got the least wind tunnel haunts the technical officer. What if the other teams got more time to bring up more strong parts in the car? Newey thinks it is going to be a long year for the reigning world champion team. Last year Max Verstappen succeeded in replacing Ferrari’s ace Charles Leclerc from the constantly winning races in Jeddah. So why can’t history gets repeated, this time oppositely?

It is possible for the Scuderia team to come back stronger in Jedaah. And so, Red Bull is coming up with a little upgrade in the RB19 in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. And another major upgrade will be seen in Imola as well, as revealed By Adrain Newey. Just one race can’t define and decide the championship-winning team. Red Bull indeed won the first race with a one-two finish. But they can lose the title like Ferrari did last year.