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Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner breathed a sigh of relief after getting cleared of the sexual misconduct allegations by a female employee. However, his troubles persisted for a while as unverified evidence of the internal inquiry was leaked around the paddock.

While Red Bull continues to stand by Christian Horner’s innocent verdict, rumors about the accuser escalating the matter have grabbed headlines recently. Leading up to the Japanese GP, the complainant was reportedly in a deep, emotionally fragile state. When asked about this, Horner acted surprised and hit back at the media for promoting irrelevant questions.


Christian Horner Irked With Media Bringing Up His PA In Japanese GP Debriefing!

Christian Horner with wife

Red Bull Racing CEO and team principal Christian Horner saw the world lit up in flames after a female employee accused him of sexual misconduct. However, after the internal committee acquitted him of all charges, the matter was resolved until last week. BBC media reported that the accuser’s mental health took a toll following the incident, and she isn’t in the best emotional state. Moreover, citing inconsistencies in the team’s internal inquiry, she allegedly filed an appeal for review with a new team of lawyers. However, Horner refused to comment on the matter as all parties involved in the investigation were bound by confidential terms. That being said, the relentless media attacks didn’t stop there.

As per the latest rumors, Christian Horner’s personal assistant Nicole Carling returned to Red Bull Racing as interim executive assistant. When the media asked Horner to confirm the news, the team principal did oblige but was bewildered to be facing the query on a race weekend. “I’m surprised that I’m talking about my assistant in a briefing,” said Horner. Notably, the British boss earlier called for the end of a media trial in his misconduct case, citing emotional distress to his family. He added how his innocent wife and children are suffering and that the circumstances break his heart. For now, the matter appears to be closed. The drink-based outfit released a statement to confirm that no more investigation is needed into the matter, and subsequently, Christian Horner will continue to lead the team as the CEO and team principal.

Red Bull Employee And Horner Accuser Is Upset, Lonely & Scared After Suspension

Red Bull Wind Tunnel
Red Bull Wind Tunnel Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull employee who accused team principal Christian Horner of sexual misconduct has allegedly been suspended on the grounds of inconsistencies in evidence provided by her. However, her alleged family friend spoke to BBC Sport and revealed how the verdict has left her broken, upset, and extremely lonely. Apparently, the team made her sign a confidentiality clause, which keeps her from sharing details of the incident with anyone besides her brother and father.

The friend further added that only people in her shoes can understand her agony. Red Bull suspended her without any valid reason. And while she remains in deep pain, Christian Horner gets to carry out business as usual and live his life comfortably as the team principal and CEO of a giant racing firm.

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