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Things in Red Bull Racing have never been up in the air since the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz. The organization has been divided into two halves, with the Thai stakeholders owning 51% of the company’s shares. Moreover, the Christian Horner saga that unfolded this year has only widened the developing crack.

Ever since Red Bull Racing CEO and team principal Christian Horner has been accused of sexual misconduct by a female employee, the internal political crisis only intensified. And now, if reports are to be believed, despite being the center of a serious crisis, Horner’s ultimate ambition could come true with the backing of Thai owners.


Thai Owners On Board With Christian Horner’s Red Bull Take-Over Plan After Dubai Meet!

Red Bull
Christian Horner, Max Verstappen

After being accused of sexual misconduct by a female employee, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner‘s alleged place in the team appeared to have weakened as many called for his immediate sacking. However, once he was cleared in the case, his position strengthened, as per recent reports. AMus recently reported that Horner met with Red Bull’s Thai majority owners in Dubai, and he laid out his plan of taking over the operations of both the energy drink company and the motorsport empire. Surprisingly, the Thai owners fully backed the Briton and agreed to support his alleged coup. Having said that, the Thai owners’ stand could change if Christian Horner is found guilty of inappropriate behavior in a court of law.

Notably, the female Red Bull employee who accused Christian Horner of sexual misconduct filed a review appeal over her dismissed grievance. Not only that, in case her appeal gets dismissed again, the accuser could move to court with the help of new lawyers. The situation within the racing outfit is tricky at the moment. While Horner wants to take over the empire built by the late Dietrich Mateschitz, the Helmut Marko-led group wants to see him out immediately. The political crisis continues to deepen with each passing day. While the racing outfit is currently dominating the field with a rocket ship challenger, the outside controversies have grabbed more headlines than any of their on-track achievements ever did. It would be interesting to see how Christian Horner responds to these rumors in Suzuka.

Christian Horner’s Case Details Could Go Public Soon!

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In a massive setback, Christian Horner accuser could likely approach employment tribunal if her review appeal in sexual misconduct dismissed grievance gets rejected. Apparently, the Red Bull female employee has changed her team of lawyers and remains deeply disappointed by the team’s lack of efforts to deal with her case in full fairness.

Now, if the female employee files a case with employment tribunal, the alleged evidences of the investigation will no longer remain confidential. The tribunal process involves submission of evidences, oral hearings, depositions and much more. This would be highly damaging for Christian Horner’s public image and could likely hinder his alleged plans of taking over the Red Bull empire.

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