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The recent anti-climatic safety car finish at the Italian Grand Prix has disappointed many Formula One enthusiasts. And it does not leave out the Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. By permitting the Italian Grand Prix to conclude with a safety car, according to Horner, Formula One violated a crucial guideline. But what is that? Keep reading to find out.

Christian Horner Criticise FIA!

Max Verstappen, the lead driver for Red Bull, won the race to advance toward winning his second world championship. However, after Daniel Ricciardo broke down in a precarious location on the circuit, even Horner was dissatisfied with how the race ended. The paralyzed McLaren was difficult for the marshals to move. The safety car pulled up George Russell\’s Mercedes instead of leader Verstappen, which confused them.


Throughout the race, Verstappen enjoyed the advantage over Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver may yet contend for the victory during the next few circuits, according to spectators, who were still optimistic. When the 2022 Italian Grand Prix concluded after the safety car, Christian Horner expressed his disappointment at the situation. He claims that it violated a fundamental tenet on which teams had long agreed. It is crucial that races not be stopped by the safety cars to appease disappointed spectators.

Christian Horner said, \”We had the fastest car, and Max had the race under control. We were denied, as well as all the fans, the chance to win it on the track.\” He added, \”I can\’t quite understand why it took so long. I think the safety car picked up the wrong car, delaying things further.\” 


There was no reason to red flag the race because of danger. Despite the FIA\’s assertion that problems retrieving Daniel Ricciardo\’s damaged McLaren were to blame for abandoning the race. In Horner\’s opinion, it had more than enough time to assure a spectacular climax. Christian Horner believes that the FIA might have handled its safety car procedures better and that the race should have been canceled. Due to the selection of the incorrect leader and the delay in getting the pack organized in the right order, it was clear that a restart would not be possible.

The circumstance immediately sparked analogies to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship matchup in 2021. The most fulfilling experience Stefano Domenicali has had in his present position is as CEO of Formula 1. Race director Michael Masi broke the rules to create a last-lap racing clash between championship contenders Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Masi ultimately lost his job because Verstappen won his first title despite Hamilton controlling most of the race with far faster tires.

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