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Max Verstappen is in the form of his life in the ongoing Formula One 2022 season. Even though few races are still left, it is almost certain that Verstappen will lift the world championship trophy. However, the events at the Monza Grand Prix resulted in Verstappen being on the receiving end of some crowd booing. Meanwhile, the young Red Bull driver has responded to the crowd chants.

Verstappen Reacts To Crowd Boos!

Max Verstappen swept the Italian Grand Prix after starting seventh on the grid, closing nearer to his second championship. The Dutch driver is expected to win the championship in the Japanese Grand Prix. But it is possible that he may do so in Singapore at the beginning of October. Verstappen received a chorus of jeers when he spoke to Martin Brundle in the parc ferme after victory at Monza for the first race in his Formula One career. The Red Bull driver, who was winning his sixth straight race, was booed by the enthusiastic crowd as he edged over Charles Leclerc at the finish line.


The crowd came at Monza hoping to support a Ferrari victory with Charles Leclerc starting from the pole. However, Verstappen took the lead after Daniel Ricciardo experienced a late mechanical problem, crossing the finish line in front of a safety car. He has encountered similar animosity previously. Lately, his championship matchup with Lewis Hamilton in 2021 turned sour. Additionally, it resulted in a hostile atmosphere among many attendees at the British GP earlier this summer.

After his most recent triumph at Monza, Max Verstappen claimed that the jeers from the Italian audience would not ruin his day. He stated, \”But at the end of the day, I\’m here to try and win the race which I have done. Some people, of course, they can\’t appreciate that. However, that\’s because they are very passionate fans of a different team. And this is what it is. It won\’t spoil my day. I\’m just enjoying the moment.\”

Ferrari Principle Address The Booing Situation!


Following Leclerc\’s second pit stop, Verstappen moved up from sixth on the grid to eventually capture the lead of the race. Verstappen could hold onto the nearly 20-second lead he had when the Safety Car stopped the race, despite Leclerc\’s best efforts to catch up to his adversary in the closing laps. Later, Ferrari CEO Mattia Binotto said that the crowd was not booing Verstappen. However, they were directing their ire at the FIA for handling the safety car time. The Italian said that booing a driver is never a good idea. Especially Max, who was the quickest on the circuit and a worthy winner.

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