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For a while now, there has been a lot of buzz about the potential deal between Porsche and Red Bull. However, recent reports came that the two companies might not move forward with the deal. And amid that, the reason for the deal to fall off was coming on at THE team principal of the Red Bull, Christian Horner. It was rumored that Red Bull was allegedly not prepared to remove him from that post, while Porsche might have wanted to bring in their own candidate. And now, the boss has commented on the issue.

What Did Christian Horner About Porsche-Red Bull Deal?

It has long been anticipated that Red Bull and Porsche will collaborate in 2026. And now, Christian Horner has dispelled rumors that the demise of the Porsche contract was caused by his uncertain long-term future at Red Bull, calling them \”crazy rumors.\” Meanwhile, talking to Skysports, Horner said, \”As I have consistently said, we are continuing on with Red Bull Powertrains. And it is making great strides with the firing up of the first ever engine a couple of weeks ago.\”


Horner also said that Porsche is a crucial part of the group that has talked about and is still talking about the regulations for the next power unit that will be in effect in 2026. After the 2026 engine specifications were confirmed last month. It was anticipated that Porsche would announce a partnership with Red Bull as soon as the new regulations went into effect.

For a while, it seemed that the German giant\’s agreement with Red Bull was merely a formality. The Milton Keynes-based team\’s efforts to develop a new Formula 1 engine through the Powertrains program were anticipated to be bolstered by Porsche taking over 50% of the Milton Keynes-based team. However, the intricacies of this particular merger appear to be where the devil was. Culture and opinion gaps started to emerge. Despite Porsche\’s continued aspirations to compete in the sport, the cooperation currently appears to be over.


One of the alleged aspects that caused trouble was Christian Horner\’s position as team principal. Porsche might have preferred to appoint their own candidate. But Red Bull wasn\’t willing to let him go from that position. More than only Red Bull may be significantly impacted by the Porsche agreement. As the sport determines its engine regulations for 2026, numerous manufacturers have been keeping an eye on it. At the same time, Audi has already announced that it will enter Formula One as an engine supplier.

But since then, a rumor has circulated that the British player\’s place on the team is also a source of contention. With Porsche involved, it was speculated that Christian Horner might lose his position. However, he has dismissed this notion. This was also hinted at by the company\’s motorsport advisor Marko to Auto Motor und Sport. He said that under the appropriate circumstances, cooperation with Porsche and \”RB Powertrains\” is still feasible.

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