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Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” has become a popular documentary series among Formula 1 fans, offering an inside look into the high-pressure world of the sport. Over the years, it has also helped Formula One gain more audience outside of Europe. However, the depiction of a few elements of the sport has invited a lot of criticism from many teams, especially Red Bull.

Red Bull Racing’s lead driver, Max Verstappen, had earlier refused to feature in the documentary series citing that it portrays the fake rivalry between drivers and teams. However, he did come around to do a small part in the latest season. Regardless, Red Bull’s resentment over the show has been long withstanding. The latest to join the criticism group is the drink-based team’s veteran advisor, Helmut Marko.


Red Bull Advisor Slams Drive To Survive Documentary Series, Calls It A Work Of Fiction

Red Bull

Despite mixed responses to the Netflix series “Drive to Survive,” there is no denying its positive impact on the popularity of Formula 1. The series has helped attract a wider audience, exposing new fans to the sport’s excitement and drama. It has also given viewers an opportunity to connect with the human side of the drivers and teams. However, Red Bull Racing is not in favor of its dramatic depiction. Recently, their advisor Helmut Marko shared strong views on the topic.

Helmut Marko said that fans and viewers must understand that many scenes of the series have nothing to do with reality. It’s a pure work of fiction. Hence, he does not approve of it. But the fact is that the documentary has helped the sport of F1 gain more audience in the USA, which is a positive sign for the sport at large. While the debate over the necessity of the existence of the show may stay, there is no harm in producing it if the fans demand it. It’s not the first time a Red Bull representative has publicly criticized the show “Driver to Survive.” Earlier, Max Verstappen refused to be a part of the show after he sensed a negative portrayal of his image. Even team principal, Christian Horner, accused the producers of showing fake rivalries.

Drive To Survive Show Producer Confirms Another Season Amid Criticism

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James Gay-Rees (L) and Paul Martin’s (R) Formula 1: Drive to Survive docuseries is a global sensation. Will they do it again in Break Point? Jeff Spicer – Formula 1//Getty Images

Amid criticism from Red Bull, Netflix show “Drive To Survive” producer James Gay-Rees has just confirmed the sixth season of the series. Not only that, James revealed that all the 20 drivers, including reluctant Max Verstappen, have agreed to participate in the show. Further reacting to criticism surrounding the show, the producer says he is ready to be the bad guy as long as the documentary continues to grow in helping the sport of F1.

James added that irrespective of people’s opinions, it’s hard to ignore the impact the show has had on Formula One over the years. He understands that sometimes the drivers hate to have a camera 24 hours on their faces. But if you look at the broader perspective, the original motive behind the production of such a show has been delivered, which is to garner more audience. Hence, the James Gay-Rees is not going to stop producing the series for the foreseeable future.