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Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez had a great start to the 2023 F1 season, winning a couple of Grands Prix just after the first four races. He became the first and only racer to win two races in Baku. There were even talks regarding the battle between two Red Bull drivers for the championship circulating everywhere in the F1 media and fans communities. Even Checo himself claimed that he wants to win his maiden title this year. Everybody thought he was the best in street circuits and could become the only threat to his team-mate Max Verstappen. But gradually, he just faded away.

When the teams reached the Monaco Grand Prix, Perez was the favorite to win the race. Moreover, he could have closed the gap between him and his teammate if he had won that race. However, not only did he not win, but also he failed to get to a podium finish. Instead, Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso finished at P2, and Alpine’s Esteban Ocon got P3. Clearly, it was disappointing because fans expected him to win that race. Since then, Red Bull boss and Special Advisor wants Checo to concentrate on a race at a time and stop dreaming about his maiden title.


Helmut Marko And Christian Horner Want Sergio Perez To Forget About Title

Red Bull Boss Drivers
Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Recently, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko spoke with Sky Deutschland about the ongoing team situation. With the help of that interview, Marko gave Checo a strict warning to concentrate on a single Grand Prix race at a time and forget about his dream to win a championship this year. He mentioned that in the last two races, the only concern was Sergio Perez driving 3 to 5 tenths slower. Hence, Marko wishes that Checo recovers soon from his slump. However, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner feels Sergio Perez has nothing to lose, and that is why he should drive fearlessly.

Horner feels that the 53 points gap is a blessing in disguise for Sergio Perez because it gives him ample opportunity to focus on his race and not the title. As the Red Bull boss mentioned, “It should take a lot of pressure off Checo. Hence, he can drive the way we know he is capable of doing.” Christian is more than sure that the Spanish Grand Prix had a good sign for Checo. It is because he recovered pretty well in the final laps in Barcelona, hence it should give him an immense boost for the next Grand Prix in Montreal.

Max Is Far Ahead Of Checo And The Rest

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Helmut Marko Red Bull Drivers Source: PlanetF1

In the last Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, Sergio Perez failed yet again to get to the podium. Instead, two Mercedes drivers got to the podium. His teammate Max Verstappen won both the races in Monaco and Spain, gaining further lead. Hence, the F1 season lost its interest value due to a lack of competition. Apparently, many expected a close fight between Checo and Max. But the Dutchman has gone quite a way further ahead of the Mexican at the moment.

Despite that, Sergio Perez is still second on the drivers’ standings table. But Max Verstappen has a 53 points lead over his teammate. Hence, Perez needs to catch up a lot and fast before it gets out of hand. Max Verstappen is looking unstoppable at present. Mercedes drivers also had a great final day at the Spanish Grand Prix, but still, Lewis Hamilton was 24 seconds away from the Dutchman. That’s how fast Verstappen has been, and he can do even better as the season progresses.