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Rafael Nadal Mentally Hurt More Than Physically After Quitting Australian Open Due To Grade 2 Injury

Rafael Nadal, the world number two Tennis player, got hit by luck once again. During the second round at the Australian Open last day, the Spaniard suffered a left hip injury. He had to quit the game after surviving the worst Grand Slam in seven years. It was a really shocking and tragic exit, which will take six to eight weeks for him to come back. Fans are very much emotional after seeing his recent tweet where he shared about his condition.

Rafael Nadal Updates About His Medical Condition On Twitter

Rafael tweeted today, updating about his medical reports. On Wednesday, the fight for the title did not only give him a physical injury, but it also made him mentally injured. After getting the injury on the leg, he immediately went to medical support, where he had an MRI scan. And the reports revealed that Rafael Nadal has got a grade 2 injury in the iliopsoas at the primary hip flexor.


Getting defeated by Mackenzie McDonald with such a slow slump of 6-4, 6-4, and 7-5 is not what he ever expected. Via Twitter, the 22-time Grand Slam Champion wrote, “I went through the medical tests after the loss last day. In the reports a grade two lesion in the iliacus psoas of the left leg.” For his return, he mentioned that the normal recovery time would take six to eight weeks. At present, Rafael Nadal is at rest and is undergoing anti-inflammatory physiotherapy.

The Long Recovery Times Depriving The 22-time Grand Slam Champion To Win More

In Melbourne park, the 36-year-old player was trying to win his second title, but unfortunately, the universe never wants the same. Every time he plays in Australia, some injuries take place. Last season after Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal was deprived of the opportunity to increase the wins to his name as he had a rib, abdomen, and foot injury. He remained out of the court for most of the time last season because of these physical hits.

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Rafael Nadal was defeated yesterday, and his injury was the main factor responsible for the loss; it left a bad mental impact. The injuries are not even the problem; a true sportsman is always ready to face the body pain, but what hurts the most is the time it takes to recover from that loss. When you need to come back with a decent level, you need to put in a lot of hard work. Just after the defeat last day, Nadal stated that these incidents had just “destroyed [him] mentally.”
Besides, age is a big factor. With increasing age, the recovery period takes long. And at this time, Rafael does not want to stay away from the court.

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