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What Was Novak Djokovic’s Toilet Fiasco? Champ Defends Himself After Being Alleged For Defying Rules 

The 21 Grand Slam winner, Novak Djokovic, made a spectacular win on Wednesday by scoring a 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 win over Carballes Baena. However, his win is not the only thing to be discussed forever. The game gave a controversy regarding Novak’s toilet going. During the 3-2, as he went to the toilet, the umpire wanted to speak to him. But with urgency, he could not hear anything. This later created an allegation suggesting that he defied the umpire’s order.

Many media organizations presented the incident in a way that represented Djokovic as a rule breaker who did not care to listen to what the umpire said. But seems the player took it very personally. He came out to defend himself through his social media accounts. The Eurosport wrote, “Novak Djokovic defied the umpire to take an early bathroom break in his first match at the Australian Open.” As it was not an order defied, Djokovic found the publication very judgemental and unfair. 

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The Umpire Allowed Novak Djokovic To Go To The Toilet. He Did Not Defy Her Orders

Meanwhile, through his Instagram account, the 21 Grand Slam winner posted a story that reads, “Eurosport, please get your information checked before you post anything judgemental and wrong.” Not only this, but in the second story, he also clarifies the incident about what just happened the last day. He explained that he went to the early toilet break only when the chair umpire allowed him. However, she told him that it was not the toilet break, so just change over break.” 

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He was in a hurry, so he could not listen to what anyone was saying. But when  Novak Djokovic almost went out of the court, the umpire called him, which was almost inaudible to him. However, she did not call him to ask anything like, hey, I told you not to go. Why are you leaving? Instead, she was just asking him to say that “the toilet is on the opposite side of the court.” 

 Novak Djokovic already saw one bathroom where he was headed, and as he had to be quicker because of the time, he went there. “she gave me permission and told me to be quick”. There was nothing like he “defied” her rules or anything.

Novak Djokovic

Overall, the Serbian Tennis player wanted to give a message to all those organizations which post things without any investigation. In the end, he requested, “Please be mindful with whatever you post.” Especially tagging on Eurosport, he wrote, “You have responsibilities towards many sports fans that follow your page.” Keeping in mind these facts and being careful with what one posts is very important because after listening to the story of  Novak Djokovic from his own mouth, fans got a totally different perspective. 

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