On Monday, the World Health Organisation and the State of Qatar launched a new multi-year deal in order to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 safe and healthy. They want to make FIFA World Cup a guide for mental and physical health promotion. They made this collaboration in order to make sure that mega sports events are still safe and healthy.

The state of Qatar and WHO provided a title to this three-year joint project. It is Healthy 2022 World Cup – Creating Legacy for Sport and Health. This project was launched at the joint ceremony of WHO headquarters in Geneva. During the event, it was revealed that both Qatar and WHO are working very closely with FIFA. So, all of them can participate in joint activities to promote healthy lives. They are also working to help people with mental and physical well-being, and health security at the biggest event of football.

Main Goal of Healthy 2022 World Cup

Another major goal of this collaboration is set to FIFA World Cup 2022 as an example all around the world. They want people to practice health security and safety in mega sports events. As a result, WHO and the State of Qatar are working together. They will help people live the safest and healthiest lives during the world cup.

During the event, it was revealed that the main themes of this collaboration would focus on helping and supporting people to practice a healthy lifestyle. It will be done by including physical activities, tobacco suspension, and healthy diets. With the help of this project, FIFA World Cup 2022 will be able to raise awareness of good mental and physical health. However, neither WHO nor the State of Qatar provided any details on how they will make FIFA World Cup 2022 Covid-free.

Last year, FIFA donated $10 Million to WHO. Now, the organization launched the Healthy 2022 World Cup campaign with the hosts to make the upcoming world cup the safest one ever. According to the organizers, it will create a legacy for future mega sports events, including the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

WHO even signed Ivory Coast great Didier Drogba as their goodwill ambassador in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. After the signing, Drogba responded by saying, “May we unite to be better prepared.”

According to WHO, the recent global pandemic already highlighted the importance of physical and mental health. They also claimed that the death count would decrease by 5 million. Only if the global population became a bit more active

According to WHO, the Healthy 2022 World Cup is an essential project to ensure that people from every age group can enjoy and have access to safe sports.