Lewis Hamilton has constantly been appearing in the Formula 1 world championships ever since 2007 and has already won a total of seven titles. He is a prime candidate to win the title this year as well, along with Mac Verstappen. However, on asking about Lewis Hamilton Vs Max Verstappen, the F1 racer stated that he had even tougher battles in his life. This one is not the hardest one for him.

One of his most hard-fought battles came in 2008. It was during the early days of the turbo-hybrid era against Nico Rosberg. Lewis Hamilton liked to do things his own way. He stunned everyone in the previous seasons. However, in this particular one, Max Verstappen is going toe to toe against him. Verstappen is determined to win his very first title, and hence this season becomes even more exciting.


Lewis Hamilton recently had a chat with Sky. They asked him if the present season is the toughest one of his career. Hamilton replied by saying he wouldn\’t say so. He also thought about all the championships he had participated in ever since he was 10. According to him, there have been several difficult moments in his career. And all of them are very similar and unique at the same time.

Lewis Hamilton has a chance to create history this year by becoming the very first person to win a total of eight titles in F1. At the time of writing, Verstappen was leading the charts with 25 points. Hamilton was behind him with 19 points. However, Lewis Hamilton still has five races to change his position on the leaderboard in order to win his eighth title.

Hamilton already has the record for the most number of wins (100), podium finishes (177), and pole positions (101), amongst others. Currently, he is tied with Michael Schumacher for the most number of titles. But if he wins this one, he will achieve another rarest feat in the history of Formula 1 racing.

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