The release date of the much-awaited Football Manager 2022 is finally out. As its title suggests, it is football management that has been successfully running for more than a decade. Its last edition turned out to be very successful, and hence the players now have very high hopes for the upcoming version of this game as well. 

Football Manager is an unrivaled football simulation game. One can experience the closest thing to being a team manager by taking control of the greatest football teams in the world. This game is a world of unparalleled realism, and the players can have an entirely different authentic experience while playing this game. 


Football Manager 2022: Pre-Access & Release Date

Earlier this year, on September 9, the official Youtube account of Football Manager posted a trailer that revealed that Football Manager 2022 would be released on November 9, 2021. The great thing is that the game is already available for early access. Its beta version was made available on October 22 for those who pre-purchased the game. Fortunately, this year the game will come in early November, unlike last year. For some reason, the release date of the game\’s previous edition was pushed to the last days of November. 

Eligible Devices

One can play the latest version of this simulation game on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices. The game will soon be available to play on Nintendo Switch as well. However, the fans might have to wait till 2022 to access the upcoming version of their simulation game on Switch. 

Football Manager 2022: New Features

Just like last year, this year version\’s of this management game will also come along with some new features to fulfill the desires of the fans. Below are the new features of Football Manager 2022


It goes without saying that this year too, the players will see improved graphics of this simulation game. The animation of the players and the gameplay will be even more enhanced as Football Manager 2022 will come with AI enhancement.

Transfer System Change

The studio director of the upcoming version of the simulation game hinted that in Football Manager 2022, several changes would take place in the transfer system of the game. It will reflect the financial crisis that has been arisen due to the global pandemic. According to him, the clubs will start the game with a much smaller budget this time as compared to the previous versions of the game. 

Data Hub

Last year version of the game successfully introduced the data analysis and xG features. Now, Football Manager 2022 will feature a better emphasis on statistics with the help of a new Data Hub. The visual presentation of this data will also become better, and the player will be able to gain more insights from it. 


Football Manager 2022: Price Details

The price of Football Manager 2022 will vary from country to country. In the UK, the game is priced at £39.99, whereas in the US, it is priced at $54.99. The price for the mobile version of the game is $9.99. However, the makers haven\’t released the price details for the Xbox and Touch edition of this game. But it is likely that it will be cheaper than other versions. 

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