According to the latest reports, Barcelona\’s president Joan Laporta is in talks with Xavi. The position of the team\’s B coach is still vacant, and hence they want Xavi to return and take up this responsibility. Currently, Sergi Berguan is serving as the interim boss after the sacking of Ronald Koeman.

On the other hand, Xavi is the coach of a Qatari club, Al Sadd. However, it won\’t be a problem for him to leave this club as Xavi himself is eager to make a spectacular return. Xavi left Barcelona back in the year 2015 when the team was performing exceptionally. He won a total of eight La Liga titles and four Champion League titles.


There is no doubt that Xavi was Barca\’s one of most skillful players. As a result, everyone is expecting that him joining the team again as a coach will have a great impact on the team. At present, Berjuan is in charge of the training sessions of the team. Barcelona currently has three games to negotiate this deal before the international break.

Barcelona had only won two out of their previous seven matches. It included an El Clasico loss as well. The team had a poor start this season. If things remain the same, then they might not be able to qualify for the next season of the Champions League.

The club is already in huge debt. It was the main reason that they failed to renew the contract with Messi earlier this year. There is a debt of €1.35 billion on Barca. It will become even worse if the team fails to perform. Koeman played for this club for six years, and he even scored the winning goal in the 1992 European Cup final.

Koeman became the team\’s coach back in August 2020. Everything was going great initially. The team also won the Copa del Rey cup. However, he started to face criticism right after the humiliating defeat by PSG in the Champions League. It got a new spark when the team lost to Real Madrid last weekend.

It was very clear from the beginning that things were not really good between Laporta and Koeman. Laporta even tried to find his replacement but didn\’t get anyone because of the financial situation of the club. But now it seems like the club will finally get Xavi to replace him. Laporta was ready to give Koeman the benefit of the doubt. However, when the Barca had an early exit in the Champions League and the probability that they might not even make it to the top four in La Liga, Laporta decided to sack him.

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