Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton rattled the world off Toto Wolff’s feet when he announced his switch to Ferrari for the 2025 F1 season earlier this year. Despite committing to a two-year extension contract, Lewis flipped over the winter after Ferrari offered him a lucrative contract with an alleged ambassador role.

And to further rub salt on Toto Wolff’s wounds, Lewis Hamilton briefed Mercedes’ boss only a day prior to the official announcement. Meanwhile, recalling the tough conservation, Wolff revealed how an apparent leak of the move promoted both teams to act in haste. And the team principal also cautioned Hamilton to be wary of Mercedes next season.


Toto Wolff Challenged Lewis Hamilton With Mercedes Comeback In 2025!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari switch happened under Mercedes boss Toto Wolff‘s nose while he believed all winter long that the seven-time world champion would end his career in Brackley. Recalling the initial conversation, Wolff revealed that he, indeed, was briefed by Lewis just a day prior to the official announcement. While talking to FOX Australia, the Austrian team principal said the duo met over for coffee, and it was nothing unusual as it’s their yearly routine. However, when Lewis told him about his decision to switch to Ferrari, it took Wolff 10 minutes to wrap his head around. But once he gathered his senses, Toto asked Hamilton about the official announcement. That’s when Toto Wolff was hit with another setback.

Lewis Hamilton informed him that the news was leaked. Therefore, both teams were short of options and were indeed forced to announce the move prematurely. That being said, the Mercedes team principal revealed how he had challenged Lewis Hamilton with an ambitious claim. Wolff admitted telling the British driver to picture W15’s rear win thoroughly because that’s exactly what’s going to be his point of view for next season. Toto Wolff basically meant to say that Mercedes will come out much stronger and will keep Ferrari at bay. Additionally, he added that Lewis Hamilton would not look as good in red overalls as he did in the iconic black suit. But Wolff is intrigued to picture him in the new look and reveals how it will be an interesting moment. “I don’t think it suits him. But I think that picture is going to be interesting,” Wolff said.

Toto Wolff Labels W15 A Fundamentally Flawed Car!

Planet F1

While Toto Wolff is ambitious for the future and wants to beat Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari, he cannot undermine Mercedes’ dire state. This year, the W15 was fundamentally flawed, and Wolff accepted that after they finished with no points in Australia. The team boss admitted that issues are way deeper than what a wider rear wing can fix.

The causes of the lack of pace need to be studied diligently. Not only that, Toto Wolff confessed feeling lost but does have the privilege to give up. The engineers, drivers, and mechanics are working in harmony to fix the problems. But overall, the Austrian expects the 2024 F1 season to be a long and tiring journey.

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